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About Vape Pen And Dab Pen

Vape pens are also known as e-cigarettes, can be a little confusing to get your head around. Beginners may not know where to begin as there are many various terms, models, and accessories.

A vape pen UK is a battery-operated electronic device that uses heat to vaporize a liquid that contains flavoring, nicotine, and other ingredients. After the vapor has formed, the user inhales it, and the nicotine is delivered to them via the vapor. No tobacco is burned in this cigarette, as is the case with traditional cigarettes.

  • Shapes and sizes

Rather than just one type, vape devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Others require a refill (the so-called "Open System" devices, such as our blu PROTM) to keep e-liquid fresh. Toner is needed by others. 

Other, more sophisticated vapes are also offered. An APV is an acronym for an accessory plug-in vehicle. Depending on the vaper's preferences, they can customize the power of their batteries or even the size of their cartridges.

Others do not feature any cartridges at all; instead, the user must simply drizzle some drops of e-liquid on a heating mechanism and inhale to enjoy their nicotine fix. These are known as Drip Tips.

Blu does not sell these products and they should only be used by experienced vapers. It is recommended that new users start with simpler devices like the blu PROTM Kits or the mybluTM.

  • Wax pens or dab pens

Wax pens, also known as dab pens, are portable vaporizers that use wax or dabs, two types of cannabis concentrates. Wax atomizers are typically powered by batteries. While some use heating coils, some use ceramic coil-less thermal systems that are more geared toward flavor, making them less powerful.

 Some of these devices can be recharged via eGo chargers, while others use Micro-USB chargers. Dab pen outperform dry herb atomizers in terms of efficiency. In addition, they can be stored between puffs and deliver a more powerful hit.

  • Advanced in technology

Dabs were previously smoked using a blowtorch, a bong, and a hot nail. In the modern world, people have dab pen that is much more advanced in technology. Rather than inhaling the smoke, you can now vaporize your dab wherever you like with one of these devices.

 They're small and discrete, and they're also very simple to use. It is possible to use 510-threaded batteries in many eGo-style wax pens, which can also be used to power weed oil pens and CBD cartridges.

Dab pens have overtaken e-cigarettes as the preferred method of inhaling wax and dabs. Their use is straightforward and does not necessitate a lot of expertise. It may take some time to get the hang of using a wax pen, but with practice, you would be dabbing just like a professional no time.

  • Resemble standard vaporizers

In addition to being easy to conceal, wax pens can be dabbed anywhere. The majority of them merely resemble standard vaporizers. They're easy to use and undetectable. You can't go wrong with a dab pen when you're on the go, even if you already own a dab rig. For serious dabs, you'll never leave the house without a tool in your arsenal.

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