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All You Need to Know About Dab Pen

Are you looking for a new way to enjoy your herbs? If yes, then a dab pen vaporizer is definitely for you. Dab pen not only has an elegant design but is also affordable and easy to use. 

In the world of vaping, dab pens are the most used devices and understanding them and how they work will help you to enjoy a better vaping experience. 

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen is basically a vaporizer pen that is designed especially for vaping cannabis concentrates. It comes with atomizers as well as coils for heating the material & mouthpiece which you inhale to get the vapor. 

You can find dab pens in different shapes as well as sizes easily in the market. 

How to buy a dab pen?

Remember that just knowing the kind of vaping device is not enough for buying. You need to understand the good qualities and features of a dab pen. 

To purchase the premium quality dab pen, you need to consider the below-stated factors:


It is important for you to purchase a dab pen that is not only portable but also light in weight. You should be comfortable in using it and also carry it around. 

Battery life

The battery life will decide how portable your dab pen will be. It is always better to purchase a device that helps you in enjoying a couple of sessions without worrying about the battery discharge. 

It is always better to purchase a dab pen that helps you to enjoy vaping for a couple of hours. 

Charging options

Even though most of the dab pens are reached via USB, manufacturers have created an option of adapters for your car as well as plugs that you can use in order to charge your device in a hassle-free manner. 


You must select a dab pen that is made using quality material. You need to pay special attention to the material which is used for making the plate. It is better to purchase a dab pen that comes with a ceramic plate because it is durable and also ensures effective heating.

Pay attention to the finish of the device because it should not only look appealing but also needs to durable at the same time. 


Always remember that not all dab pens come with this feature. When it comes to having the best vaping experience, accessories play a vital role. 

If you like to have fresh and smooth vapor then it is better to have a water vapor pen that features a glass water pipe attachment because this will enhance your vaping experience. 

It is always better to buy a dab pen that comes with a warranty because it is proof that the company trusts their products.  Therefore, you can find a wide variety of dab pens within your budget at Vape Kit UK; a known Smoke shop London.

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