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Benefits And Risks Of Using Vape Kit

In the last few years Vaping gained a lot of popularity especially over the teenage youth. As many believed Vaping to be a safer option compared to smoking cigarette that is the reason why vapekit are selling steadily in the market. 

But research showed that neither smoking nor Vapeing is good for health. Maybe Vaping will get some pointers as less harmful than smoking. But still none of this habit is recommended to be continued by the doctor.

Also many people found Vaping as a method of quitting the smoking completely. But it is still debatable whether vapeing is the right alternative for not smoking. But without any debate the vape kit is less harmful than tobacco which is the main reason that vapekit are still selling like hot cakes.

Comparatively better for health

As none of this habit is marked good habits but Vaping is significantly better than smoking. The Eliquid near me consists much less number of chemical component in it compared to a cigarette. Also quitting cigarette for Vapeing also showed result for much better health condition.

Helps quitting smoking

E cigarette is found to be a great way of quitting smoking. Many have switched from cigarettes to e cigarette which resulted in a better health condition. Also some research showed that e cigarette is almost as much effective as a nicotine patch in quitting someone from cigarette.

Second hand vapour is less dangerous

We all know that smoking is injurious for our health and also for the people who are standing around us. Studied has showed that the second hand smoke of an e cigarette is not as harmful for the other standing around the smoker as it is the smoke of the cigarette.

More pocket friendly alternative

Some smoke shop London really keeps some expensive smoking stuff. Even if we use some regular cigarettes it will cost us more compared to an E cigarette. After spending some money in a bulk for the equipment of the e cigarettes there regular use cost for the vapekit is much lesser than smoking cigarettes.

Variations in flavour

A vapekit gets a wide range of variation on flavours. When there are plenty of flavours to choose form for E cigarettes it is hard to smoke a regular cigarette. As cigarettes have very few flavours to offer but e cigarettes are still exploring for new flavour.

 Risks of Vapeing

Research on The long term effect of Vapeing is something that is still controversial. So, it is always recommended for smoker to get nicotine if they truly wants to quite there smoking habit. As nicotine has no such suspected sight effect as in vapekit. Some of the suspected health problems for long term Vaping are.

  • Weaken metabolism rate of body
  • Lung problems
  • Increases the risks of cancer
  • Delay development in fetus and children.

Other than, this scientist also suspects some more health issue but they are yet to be discovered and ahs no ground of evidence.Therefore, it is still best to quit smoking using a nicotine patch and live a healthy and beautiful life.

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