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Can I Mix Different Vaping e-Liquids?

Today, vapers are offered over 3,000 different flavours of e-liquids. Manufacturing companies are constantly offering something new to please any demanding user. But for many, even this variety is not enough. Therefore, some begin to get carried away with self-mixing and try to mix a variety of e-liquids in an attempt to find their ideal taste or just for fun. Can I mix different vaping liquids? Of course you can! But it is worth approaching such a matter wisely, in fact, like any occupation. Can I mix different vaping liquids from different manufacturers? Definitely yes! The composition of all liquids is approximately the same, so the maximum harm that you can end up with is terrible taste sensations and a faded aroma.

Why mix liquid?

Everyone has different reasons to justify such a hobby. But the indisputable fact is that mixing helps to achieve the optimal taste, create a unique aroma and make the optimal strength for individual requirements.

Basic rules for mixing slurry

In order not to spoil your nicotine e-liquid, which can be quite expensive, you need to understand what goes with what and how to change the strength of the nicotine slurry. The combination of formulations and e-liquid flavours can only be determined empirically or by reading the information on the forums.

There are several basic laws when mixing a liquid:

  • Fruit flavours are perfect for the tobacco aroma: cherry, lemon, and apple.
  • Warm tones are more suitable for warm ones, and cold tones are more suitable for cold ones. For example: honey + coffee and lemon + mint will give a pleasant taste.
  • Be especially careful with fruit-plus-fruit combinations.
  • But don't stick to the standards too much, because everyone has different tastes. Unleash your imagination and use common sense, and then you definitely won't be mistaken. With the combination by strength, everything is quite simple. If you want to get “ten”, you need to mix “twelve” and “eight” - according to the formula (12 + 8) / 2 = 10.

How to mix liquids correctly?

Many e-cigarette users and experienced vapers probably know that nicotine e-liquid becomes thicker and more viscous when cooled. Therefore, for the fastest, most convenient, and high-quality mixing, it is necessary to heat it up before starting the merging process.

This can be done in several ways:

  1. Using a water bath;
  2. Microwave oven;
  3. Hot battery.

In general, you need at least something hot and capable of heating the components for vaping to 50 degrees. It is this temperature that is optimal for mixing. It is very important not to overheat the composition; otherwise it may lose its properties, aroma and taste.


You can also stir the mash in several ways. The easiest way is to place the components in one container and shake it for several hours. But this is quite a long activity, although it allows you to stretch a little. The best assistant in quick mixing will be a power tool - a drill or something similar. 

Mixing in an ultrasonic bath

In addition, you can experiment with mixing in an ultrasonic bath; this will make it possible to gain some time with the infusion of liquid on aromas. 

Can vaping e-liquid flavours be mixed even faster? Unfortunately no! This is a rather long process, because all components must be evenly mixed, otherwise there is a risk of getting something incomprehensible with a double taste.

Filling and steaming self-mixed liquid is absolutely safe for the vaper and for the device. Moreover, some manufacturers even give some recommendations on what and how best to combine.

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