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Comparison Of Vape Mods To Vape Pen

A vape pen or mod is a type of E-cigarette that is widely used by many smokers who intend to quit cigarette. Although smoking e-cigarette is not the ideal way to get rid of smoking e-cigarettes are not completely harmless. But Vape pens are considered to be much less harmful to health compared to a cigarette.

If you are recently considering switching to vape juice UK there area few points you need to know. As there are both vape pen and vape mods available on market it is natural for you to get confused about which one to choose on.

Vape pen and vape mods are the two different type of vape kit that is available in the market. The key difference between this two is that the vape pen is much smaller and less powerful, whereas Vape Mods are larger and are more powerful. Apart from these both these variants have some common as well as uncommon factors too.


One of the key differences that make both vape pen and vape mod apart is the size. As the vape pen isvery small that it can fit the palm of our hand.It is also easy to carry around and can even fit one pocket easily. So, you can travel with it anytime you want.

  • Comparatively, vape mods are much larger and heavier in weight. They are more powerful compared to vape kit and produce more vapour.
  •  But due to its heavier weight, it is difficult to fit in a pocket. So, it is not as portable as the vape pen.


According to vape UK complexity is another factor to consider for both the vape kit. In terms of complexity, the Vape pen is much less complex to use, you can just click the power button to switch on your vape pen and click 5 or in some devices 3 times to switch it off after use.

In the case of Vape mode, the primary function isthe same as the vape pen, but as modes offer more features this makes using a vape mod comparatively more complex. If you are new and trying a vape kit for the first time it may be wiser to use the pen but it will be better to use the mod if you have experience.


As the vape pen is smaller in size naturally, the battery is also small. The vape pen battery is in build and consumes less power and is portable to use. But the problem is this small battery only offers limited numbers of flavours and features.

 A Vape mod has larger battery which can be installed in the batterycompartment of the device. Also, the batteries are sold separately with the modes and these batteries can be charged.

The key difference between their batteries is the power of the battery. The vape mod has used a battery with less power. So, the vape mod provides more features are more variations of flavour because of the bigger and more powerful battery.

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