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Four Popular Vape Flavours That You Need To Try

Instead of smoking cigarettes, these days most youngsters prefer to vape. It is not only a healthy alternative, but it also comes in different flavors that you won’t get in regular cigarettes. It is one of the main reasons, why vaping is popular in both male and female gender. If you are new to vaping, then here are few popular vape flavors you can try.

  • Popular Vape Flavours

  • Tobacco

If you are addicted to tobacco, then you can try Hesenberg in vu9 premium e-juice. With this brand of e-liquid, you can taste premium flavored tobacco without bad nicotine effects. It is now available at the Smoke shop UK. You can conveniently order this tobacco flavor e-liquid and it will reach your doorstep within 2 days.

  • Menthol

Many people like the refreshing menthol flavor. This flavor not only gives a refreshing taste but also hides the mouth odor. Currently, Hangsen mint series is very popular among young people. Along with this brand, you can also try different menthol brands like Candy King Premium, Kingston, Clown e-liquid, etc.

  • Fruity

This vape flavor is very popular among females and beginners. Kenji and Frooti Tooti Malaysian e-liquid come with multiple fruit flavors. If you have started vaping recently without any prior experience of vaping, then these vape flavors are the best choice for you. All these fruit flavors are natural and 100% safe for your health.

  • Creamy

Many people want dairy flavors in their e-liquid. For these types of people creamy is one flavor to try. Some of the popular creamy flavor brands are Twelve Monkeys, Dinner Lady Aroma, and Numskulls e-liquid. If you decide to vape in public places, then you can try these flavors. Enriching creamy flavors from these e-liquids won’t bother anyone for sure.

  • Why Flavoured E-Liquid Are Not Bad For Health?

There is a myth circulating in the vaping community that flavored e-liquid is not good for health. However, this myth does not have any base. Let’s trace back where this myth about flavored e-liquid has originated and why this myth does not contain any truth.

Cigarettes companies use strong chemical flavors to hide the natural flavor of tobacco. These artificial flavors used in cigarettes are not good for health. On the other hand, vape e-liquids don’t contain any strong flavor. Therefore, no artificial flavors are used in these e-liquids. Instead, you will find natural flavor in most e-liquids. Thus, flavored e-liquids are 100% safe for human health.

Apart from the above-mentioned four flavors, there are many more flavors available for vaping. You can find many more vape flavors at the online vape shop UK. Compared to other conventional vape stores, the price at this online cape shop is much more reasonable.

This company also has a fast distribution network for its vape products. After placing an order, the flavored e-liquid will arrive at your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, without going out in this pandemic world, you can enjoy the taste of different vape flavors.

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