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How Cold Affects Vaping?

Winter is certainly an unsustainable season. We cover with layers and layers of warm clothing, hats, gloves and all the paraphernalia to avoid freezing every time we set foot on the street. But maybe you've never wondered before, what about vaping? Howdoes cold affect your liquids and devices? Here are some keys to what happens to vaping in winter and what care you should keep with your favourite equipment and liquids.

  1. The first question that can come to mind is, do the e-liquids freeze? And the answer is simple, yes, although luckily, they have a very low freezing point. Propylene glycol freezes at around -59 degrees C, while vegetable glycerine withstands low temperatures somewhat better and freezes around -38 degrees C. Obviously, the freezing temperature is lower in both cases than the freezing temperature of the water. As a result, both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are very attractive substances such as solvents and are used to transport liquids in cold climates.

Considering that the concentration of both compounds in liquids can vary, the freezing point also varies, however, it is always advisable by Smoke shop London to take into account its freezing points in addition to your own common sense to avoid leaving it in very cold places where it can be frozen.

In principle, a frozen liquid does not have to lose its properties or present any problems, except for the fact, that it has to be thawed afterwards. Vaping fluids have a very low freezing point and do not expand when frozen. Another thing is that after freezing they produce unwanted effects on the taste, changing it or reducing its intensity, something that is not actually proven.

  • Finally, one of the most important questions has to do with e-cigarettes. Many of you have invested a significant amount of money to vape with an advanced device, powerful and full of innovative features that allow you to enjoy a unique and personalized experience. But can extreme cold ruin your device? The answer is, it is possible. Battery power and performance may be disrupted by extreme temperatures. That's why you should always have your batteries and devices at room temperature to avoid possible problems with electronics.

If you're using an atomizer where the liquid has frozen, your device will normally also have different performance. Normally, you will have an annoying obstruction in the system so it is always suggested by Smoke shops in London to prevent your tank from freezing.

In addition to the cold, autumn and winter are usually accompanied by rains as well. Almost any electronic device is usually an enemy of snow and water. Some vaping devices are really rugged and may be able to withstand inclement weather without problem, but you should always keep in mind that all of that is most likely negatively affecting the life of your device. Little else needs to be added, just remind you that it is important as per the recommendations of Tobacco shops in UK to take care of all your vaping elements if you want to continue enjoying them to the fullest, either during the summer or in the middle of the harsh winter.

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