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How To Enjoy Vaping New Flavor In Your Old Vape-Kit?

Have you been vaping the same flavor for months? Now is the time for you to try vaping something new. There are so many of flavors in the market. You can select any new flavor to vape. But if you change the flavor, then do you have to change your vape device as well?

Not many people are aware of this fact. They throw away the old device. They invest money in a new device.

  • You can continue using the same old vape kit for any new flavor
  • It is important to clean the device before you fill it with a new flavor
  • You can get the old device cleaned by an expert

There are simple steps that you need to follow, every time you change a new vape juice. So if you want to try out the latest vape juice you can follow the steps mentioned in this content.

  • Dismantle the device

You should never fill the new flavor in the device if it has not been cleaned. Before you clean, it is important to dismantle the entire device. You may have to follow instructions that may vary from one device to another.

If you are not used to dismantling the device, you can also hire an expert. You can also follow basic manufacturer’s tips to perform this task.

  • Clean the tank

The tank is the part of the vape kit where you will fill the new vape juice. You have to clean the tank perfectly. Never overlook the cleaning part. You can use warm water to clean the tank.

Before you refill the new juice, always ensure the tank has no accumulated residues of the old flavor juice. It may also have dust particles that you may have to clean.

  • Remove coil head carefully

If you dismantle the tank, then you have to remove the coil head. This task has to be done carefully. There are chances that you could damage the coil. If you are not confident, then do not perform this task.

This part of the vape kit is delicate. It is important to carry out the process perfectly. Do not apply pressure as that can damage the head of the coil.

  • Use a quality paper towel

Do not scrub any part of the vape kit when cleaning. Scrubbing action can damage the entire device. It is better to make use of a quality paper towel. 

You have to select the right grade material that will soak away all excess water from the vape tank. Do not wash the coil. It is helpful to clean it using a dry paper towel. You can search for quality Vape juice near me options online as well.

  • Change the coil

Before you refill the tank with new vape juice, it is more effective to change the old coil. If you have been using the same vape kit for weeks or months, the coil will get damaged.

You should change the coil immediately before you can fill in new vape juice. Do not make use of a cheap vape coil. Once the kit is assembled back you can fill in the new vape juice. 

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