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How To Start Using The New Vape-Kit You Just Purchased?

Getting started with a new vape kit is not easy if you are aware of the basic steps. The moment you unbox the kit, you cannot switch it on and start inhaling. The device has to be tested before use. Individuals who are vaping for the first time, often switch on the device as they un-box it.

This is a mistake because the tank is empty if the device is new. There are chances that the coil is not placed in the right position as well.

  • It is better to go through the instructions before switching the device on
  • Always test the device battery if it is charged or not
  • Dismantle the tank and check if it is filled or not

If you are investing money in the latest vape kit then it is obvious that you need to take all precautions. This is important so the device does not get damaged.

  • Read instructions and prepare the device

The first most important thing is to prepare the device so it can be used perfectly. If you unbox the device, you may have to check with the instruction manual. The instructions will provide pictured details of connecting all other components.

You may have to follow the instructions and check if all components are in their place. In some devices, you may have to connect the coil before you can place the battery.

  • Fill the tank with liquid

The next step is to fill the e-liquid in the tank. You may not be able to vape unless the tank is filled with liquid. If you are using a pod device, then you need to stuff it with dry herb. Do not test the device unless you have stuffed it with liquid.

It is also important to check if you do not exceed the tank capacity. The vaping liquid might expand on being heated. If the tank is overfilled then the liquid might just leak.

  • Test the coil

The coil is sensitive and can easily damage during transportation. So, before you connect the coil, check if the filament is not damaged. If the filament is damaged, you may not be able to use the device. 

The damaged filament may not produce heat and so it is better to inspect it in advance. If the coil is good then you can connect it to the battery terminals.

You can also search for Ecig UK dealers and ask them to help you with basic assembling tasks. If the device is assembled perfectly you will enjoy vaping.

  • Checking settings

If the device is advanced then it may have a few settings. So you may have to check if the device has temperature settings or not.

If the device has a settings option, then you may have to set the device to produce an accurate temperature. This may not be the same for different w-liquids you vape. Some devices may display the accurate temperature and tank capacity on the digital screen.

Always take time to understand the functions of the device you are using. In case the device functions are complicated, you can also approach professionals. If you have purchased the device from a nearby store, you can visit them and request assistance.

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