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How Vaping Nicotine Is Still Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

Vaping might be a new trend for many. People often mistake vaping for traditional cigarettes. There are different things between the two that you should understand. Cigarettes offer both short and long term health hazards.

Vaping hazards may vary, depending on the way you use it. Vaping can be regulated, whereas cigarettes may not be regulated.

  • You can still vape one or two puffs, but this may not be possible when smoking
  • Nicotine content may vary in both cases
  • You can also enjoy less nicotine content flavors

When selecting nicotine-based Eliquid flavours there are benefits that you need to understand. These benefits you don’t get when smoking regular cigarettes.

Vaping offers with multiple flavors

One major advantage of vaping is that you have multiple flavors to select from. Cigarettes are only available in two flavors – regular and mint. You may not find a cigarette that is available in chocolate or coffee flavor.

This is one benefit that you get only when vaping. You can select from hundreds of flavors. Fruit extracts and CBD are more common.

Vape as and when required

In general, smoking cigarettes is never appreciated as a social activity. Most people are often allergic to cigarette fumes. Vaping is not similar to cigarettes as it does not produce any aroma or fume. Even when vaping in a closed room, it does not smell foul.

People who are allergic to tobacco smell may appreciate it if you choose to vape. It lacks the tobacco essence.

Regulate nicotine content

You can search for nicotine-free vape juice. E-liquids are also available as less nicotine content. This means that if nicotine is not your choice, then you can select to vape low-grade nicotine flavor. This is a healthy way to enjoy smoking.

If you vape you don’t have to worry about inhaling an excess percentage of nicotine. It is safe for your health.

Toxicity levels

Most people who smoke are unaware of the toxicity levels. Any cigarette contains over 7000 harmful chemical ingredients. The point is that you inhale 7000 chemicals in a single puff. Just think of the damage a single puff can do to your health.

But vaping is a safer option. It does not contain 7000 harmful chemicals. Only two or three heavy metals are used in vape liquids. To vape safely you can also select low concentrate nicotine eliquid.

Vaping ingredients may not affect any other part of your body system. But a single puff of cigarette may affect every organ in your body. This is why vaping is seen as the best alternative to smoking cigarettes.

An ideal option if you are nicotine allergic

Not many people are used to nicotine. For some nicotine may trigger severe reactions leading to asthma. But when selecting to vape, you have an option to eliminate nicotine. You have to look around for e-liquids that lack nicotine content. Vaping also does not produce harmful aerosol particles. This means for passive smokers it does not pose serious health hazards. This is never possible if you smoke cigarettes. Passive smokers too are at risk. It does not burn the paper to produce carbon monoxide.

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