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Step-BY-Step Process to Maintain Vape Coil in Top Condition

If you vape, you should maintain your device in top condition. Coils are accessories that wear out very often. They need replacement after fixed hours of usage. If the coil is not functional, it will not produce vapor.

In general, these accessories need replacement every three months. For three months you should properly maintain it. This will help improve its life span.

  • Well maintained coils will produce good vapor
  • It will also get heated very quickly saving your battery life
  • You can go through expert tutorials by E liquid UK dealers to maintain it in top condition

Early and timely maintenance will prevent coil burnouts. It also ensures that the coil is dust-free before you use it. Some simple steps are mentioned here below.

Use Vodka or Vinegar to clean

Vinegar and Vodka can be used to clean the vape coil. You should prepare a mix of Vinegar or Vodka with water. You can also make use of ethanol and water mix. This helps in cleaning the dirt accumulated on top of the coil.

Always use distilled water

Hard water may never be an idea if you want to clean the vape coil. A distilled water bottle is never expensive. It is a good cleansing agent. You can also collect steam after boiling the hard water. This steam water can be used for cleaning the coil using a damp cloth.

Cleaning under tap water

If you are directly cleaning the vape coil under the tap water then ensure you make use of a wet towel. This will prevent the coil from running into the sink area. The towel can be used to block the sink. This is important if you accidentally drop the coil when cleaning. 

Wipe perfectly

To clean the Smok UK kit coil, you have to take extra precautions. You should try wiping it perfectly with a moist towel only. Each piece is important and should be cleaned best. All other parts and the coil have to be wiped.

Only perform this task after the parts have been dismantled. Avoid performing on your own if you are unable to assemble each part back again in its perfect position.

Use rebuildable coils

Many vape devices are installed with the reusable type of coil. Once damaged the burnt part of the coil can be removed. The same coil can be mended and reused back again.

These types are generally more cost-effective as you don’t have to replace the coil every time you clean it. Follow the same steps mentioned above and mend the coil back to use it again.

Always soak in alcohol

The coil should be left soaked in alcohol for a few minutes. This acts as a natural cleansing agent. It will remove tar and dirt that gets accumulated on the coil. The process is helpful for cleaning if you regularly clean the coil.

Always rinse before assembling

Coils that have been soaked in alcohol should always be rinsed in water before they are assembled back in the device. Well maintaining a vape coil is never difficult. You just have to perform the task best on your own. You can also hire experts to perform this task.

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