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Study: 90% Of Smokers Are Unaware Vaping Less Harmful Than Smoking

Vaping: You are not the only one you have considered attempting to stop smoking. Almost seven out of ten smokers say they wish to quit. Smoking damages almost every organ in the human body, especially the heart. Therefore stopping is among the best things one could do for personal health. Smoking and passive smoking apparently cause one-third of all heart disease fatalities.

You may well be tempted to use e-cigs (e-cigarettes, vapes, and other non-disposable and throwaway vaping products) to help you switch from regular cigarettes to quitting smoking altogether. Is it, however, healthier to use e-cigarettes (commonly known as vaping) than tobacco products? Will e-cigarettes let you give up smoking for good?

This article will discuss the results of various studies that prove that 90 percent of smokers have no clue how less harmful vaping is compared to smoking cigarettes.

ASH Poll result

Although it is a more successful quitting smoking solution than nicotine patches or gums, thirty percent of smokers, or almost 1.7 million persons in the Uk, haven't ever attempted e-cigarettes. According to a YouGov poll for ASH, just one in 10 users (12%) knows that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes. A third (32%) believe they are much more or similarly detrimental, one-quarter (24%) are unsure, and 30percent believe they are much less dangerous but are unaware that they really are significantly less dangerous.

With assistance and guidance from health experts, many smokers will use an e-cigarette to assist themselves to stop, boosting the total number of individuals who overcome addiction in the long term.

What exactly is vaping?

Vaporizers are becoming a popular way to get high on both nicotine and marijuana. Overstated attentiveness to prospective issues, like anything else, comes with excessive-quality. Regardless of the fact that modern vaporizer equipment has only 0.5% of the vasoconstrictive found in cigarette smoke, users nevertheless face a number of health risks.

There are a few misconceptions and truths regarding vaping in this article.

Myths about the risks of vaping

The myth that e-cigarettes are as harmful and perhaps even more hazardous than cigarettes has developed from 7 percent in 2013 to 32 percent in 2021. In actuality, vaping is far less harmful to one's health compared to cigarettes. Moreover, whenever people were asked why they haven't tried an electronic cigarette, 10% answered it's because of safety issues. In contrast, another 22% believe it is because they don't want to replace one habit with another. Both issues reveal a misconception of the beneficial role e-cigarettes may play in assisting smokers in quitting.

Vaping would be at minimum 95% less toxic to users and nearly totally innocuous to spectators. When you smoke a regular cigarette, you're causing combustion, which produces harmful tar and monoxide. Vaping is relatively safe since it does not involve fire or smoke.

Degree of usage

According to ASH & King's College London, roughly 3.6 million regular vape users will be in the UK by 2021. After a drop to 3.2 million in 2020, it's the same level as in 2019. After a rise in popularity from 2013 to 2015, the number of individuals vaping has remained relatively stable in recent years.

Usage by young people

Although e-cigarettes have indeed been demonstrated to help cigarette smokers stop, there's been fears that they could be used as a gateway to smoking by younger generations. ASH checks usage on a yearly basis, and it will remain to do just that, although current results of the survey reveal that use amongst 11-17-year - olds is minimal. Less than 1% of 11-17-year - olds that have never even smoked use a vape pen today, and only 3.3 percent of the teenagers have ever used one. The large bulk of 11 to 17-year-olds have never used a vape, and this trend has continued since 2015.

The brighter side of vaping

Controlling Nicotine Consumption

A further factor why vaping is healthier than cigarettes and more profitable in general is how you can manage how much nicotine you consume. E-juices for vaporizers are available in a range of nicotine levels, from zero to strong. Therefore, you may pick the level of nicotine you would like to consume or even reduce it over a period of time, based on your preferences or goals.

Higher Vapor Regulation

You can also regulate the quantity of vapor you emit by vaping. It is a crucial consideration for individuals who like creating clouds as well as other patterns out of smoke. E-juices are made up of Propylene Glycol with Vegetable Glycerine. Their proportion determines the flavor and volume of vapor you release. The majority of e-liquids have a 50:50 PG/VG combination.

You may, though, increase the quantity of VG if you would like more vapor. But, conversely, you may raise the PG content to get less vapor and far more taste.

No persistent bad smells

The persistent nicotine stench that sticks to your clothing and skin and accompanies you everywhere is among the most severe issues with regular cigarettes, both for smokers and for others surrounding them. Some people may find this unpleasant, and so you may find it humiliating. So the great news is that vaping does not cause these issues. There really is no clinging smell that trails you around. There's a smidgeon of an e-cigarette flavor scent at the most. More significantly, any smell left behind by vaporizers is pleasant and therefore does not annoy others.

Lots of Flavors

Vaporizer also allows you to select from a wide variety of e-liquid varieties. There are a variety of flavors to satisfy everybody's preferences. We are not obligated to smoke the same old cigarettes day after day.


As a final thought, it is indeed very difficult to break an addiction like cigarettes. Nevertheless, perhaps this article has demonstrated that the tide is turning in support of vaping in practically every way. So, instead of debating, make the transition to vape for a better, cleaner, and far more convenient option.

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