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The Basics of Vaping for Newbies

Before starting the protocol of vaping, you must incur knowledge about its pros and cons. Setting yourself up with the right equipment and a variety of vaping techniques is an exciting as well as a crucial task. Aside from why and what you vape, the way you vape is also important to consider. The way you vape, inhalation can be revolutionized. 

It should always be kept in mind that, there is no right and wrong method in vaping, the style you like, must be followed. As everybody has a unique set of preferences, it is a deeply personal task. 

You might have heard about the different inhalation techniques including lung hits, mouth hits, hybrid hits, and French inhalation. But majorly we follow two techniques; they are lung and mouth hits. 

  • Mouth hits (mouth to lung ) 

  • MTL is the most traditional method. Everyone who is an ex-smoker must have tried this type of inhalation. The simple explanation would be, before inhaling the vapor into the lungs, you draw the vapor into your mouth. 
  • It closely mimics the way by which, a cigar or cigarette was traditionally smoked. But how a mouth hit affects your vaping experience? Well, it’s the magic of flavor! Which plays a major role here. People, who favor flavor over other sensations, go for mouth hits. When the vapor during MTL, stays in your mouth, it provides a long-lasting and unbelievable experience. 

A high PG rather than PG, liquid is suggested for these inhalation methods. Ecig uk is water and dust-proof device, and can also be used as MTL vaping.  

  • Lung hits (direct to lungs) 

  • It is also called, DTL. This process does not allow the vapor to stay in the mouth but directly goes to the lungs. When compared to MTL, it is a newcomer. 
  • It can produce high clouds of vapor, that’s because it has become the leading choice of cloud chasers in current years. The equipment you are using for this process must be chosen with deep supervision and knowledge. DTL without a piece of appropriate equipment can result in some dreaded coughing fits. 
  • As it produces the more influential hits, it has been categorized as the most favorable method of inhalation. However, some beginners may not be a fan of it as; it requires a special liquid, technique, and special equipment.  

It’s time to play with different techniques and choose the right one for you. We at Vape Kit UK, hold a reputed position in assisting and providing vape lovers with the best quality products. Explore among the most demanded and highly recommend Vape UK, that too within affordable prices. Whatsoever method you want to use will never impact the life and durability of the product. If you want to quit your smoking habit then vaping is best for you. Contact us to save your health and easily quit smoking with vape products.

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