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The Components Of A Vape Juice

If you have ever visited any vape shop or online website, then you must have seen a wide collection of colorful pods, bottles filled with flavored e-liquid, vape juices, or cartridges. The juice is put in the vapes to provide a flavor during the inhale process. So whenever, in the vale rigs or e-cigarettes, the vape juice is heated, production of aerosol takes place that a user generally inhales. 

These vape juices are available in a variety of flavors comprising children's cereals, bubblegum, candy. Just try to browse, Eliquid near me and you will get a list of the diversity in which they come. 

What is in vape juice? 

It’s a question that many people seem to be confused about. Majorly, these are the components of a vape liquid- 

  1. Vegetable glycerin 

For modern atomizers, the liquid designed is generally made up of vegetable glycerin. From a little wisp of the thin layer to some huge white plumes, anything can be formed because of this. Glycerin is a biological substance that is extracted from many fat sources. It is the vegetable oil, from which glycerin comes through. That’s the reason it is often called VG. 

VG is a non-toxic and colorless liquid. It has no smell, however, imparts a sweet taste. High VG may not work well with small atomizers, as they are very viscous and thick. 

Some liquids also use aqueous VG; it’s the same but just having more water added into it. Liquids having more VG cannot produce a lot of throat hits, but form a dense vapor. 

  • Propylene glycol 

Propylene glycol is most commonly known as PG. Few liquids often contain more PG than VG. They are comparatively less viscous. It has a sweet taste and is odorless. 

Looking at its other side, some studies have shown that they sometimes show minor health effects. So, if so, you are suggested to have a more VG and less PG-containing liquid. 

PG does produce less vapor than VG; hence it fails to attract the attention of cloud chasers. But the people, who want to vape discreetly, like this more.  

  • Flavorings

Delicious – tasting juice that results in outstanding flavoring. As we know, that the liquids are tasteless, so adding taste requires flavoring of good grade additives.  

  • Nicotine 

Finally, nicotine is present in most liquids. This is the reason for vaping to be used as an effective replacement for smoking.

Without setting up tobacco leaves on fire, you can satisfy your cravings. For good throat hits, it’s important to have a high nicotine content liquid. 

You must know that it’s the smoke that induces harm to the body, not the nicotine. Elevated doses of it can of course spur some problems, but it is good to have during vaping. 

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