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Things To Know Before Trying Vaping

Before purchasing a vape for yourself you should be well aware about it. You should know the exact mechanism of vape pen UK. They are also better known by the name e-cigarettes. They use nicotine liquid which vaporizes and replaces the burning tobacco smoke that is emitted in traditional cigarettes. This nicotine liquid is vaporized every time you puff these e-cigarettes. It will not be wrong to say that you can enjoy the pleasure of traditional cigarettes without actually smoking one. But it is imperative that you choose the correct brand which can be beneficial for you health also.

What is an E-cigarette?

It is a device in which liquid is heated to a very high temperature so that aerosol is produced and inhaled. The liquid is popular with the name e-liquid. Nicotine is most commonly used e juice. Propylene glycol is used to retain the moisture and make aerosol at the time of heating. Dab-pen has been legally approved by FDA.

Various types of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes were first launched in the market in the year 2007. At the time of launch the design of the some e-cigarettes resembled the normal cigarettes while some matched the designs of cigars, pipes or a USB drive. On the basis of designs the researchers have classified them as e-cigarettes as first generation, second generation and third generation.

  • First generation e-cigarettes are disposable and resemble to traditional cigarettes.
  • The e-cigarettes of second generation are a bit larger and resemble to a pen. They can be recharged.
  • The e-cigarettes of third generation do not resemble the traditional cigarettes and have large batteries which can at times be customized. Some parts of it can be replaced. They are also called mods. These devices can be refilled.
  • The e-cigarettes of recent years have high-tech design and batteries that can be recharged easily.

How much nicotine does an e-cigarette have?

The level of nicotine in e-cigarette may vary from cigarette to cigarette. Sometimes this level is equal or may exceed the level found in normal cigarettes. You can always not rely on the labelling done on pack to know the exact level. At times mislabelling may also be done. The usage and modification also affects the nicotine level. In some e-cigarettes the levels are as efficient as that in cigarettes. It is up to user how much nicotine level he wants in his e-cigarette.

Are e-cigarettes less harmful than normal cigarettes?

E-cigarette is definitely less harmful than normal cigarettes. They produce fewer toxins and only emit vapour. There is no harmful smoke emitted unlike in normal cigarettes. There may be few potential health risk but they are negligible as compared to normal cigarettes.  It may also be noted that vaping is actually the first step towards quitting smoking. If purchased from a branded store like smoke shop London ecigarettes can give multiple benefits. Before trying out you should be completely aware of the dos and don’ts of vaping to avoid any further risk.

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