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The first e-cigarettes appeared in 2004. Since then, their main goal was to wean a person from smoking, to reduce the doses of nicotine consumed. With the advent of powerful devices, mech-modes, which are able to create huge clouds of snow-white steam, young people became interested in a new direction. Thus, a new subculture was formed - vaping. There are no restrictions - you can choose any e-liquid in UK, knead them yourself, collect any devices and even make them with your own hands. Especially young guys attracted mesmerizing tricks from the couple - professional "focuses" look like a magical underwater world. Having entered into the movement, sometimes you wonder how much you can do with vapes from Vape shop uk. There are a few basic tricks that make simply releasing steam into unfathomable magic. Professional steamers call them tricking. The basic technique on which tricks are based is rings.

How to make rings out of steam?

Using different techniques, you can make rings of all sizes. In order to gain as much experience in vaping skills as possible, it is better to immediately learn how to make large, smoky rings. It is not so easy to master the technique, but if you try, a few attempts will be enough. First, dial the steam into the lungs and slowly release it. Make sure he calmly goes out of his mouth. Close your lips in the letter "O" and strain them. Start exhaling a little tougher, as if whispering say "Oh." Do this with small jerks, so that the throat separated the portions of steam, and they were going into the ring. This method is not easy, but loved by most experienced users. To become a pro, use E liquid uk to get thick dense rings during training.

  1. Vape jellyfish

When experts of Vape shop compared vaper tricks to the underwater world, it wasn't a simple metaphor. After a successful trick, the pair will really look like a jellyfish. This "focus" begins as standard: dial steam in the lungs and start to ring one by one. When you notice that one of them is of perfect shape - push your palm forward, without touching the ring (you've probably seen such movements on video). Now you need to act quickly. While the ring is increasing in size, quickly inhale a new portion. Remove your hands from the big hoop and make another smaller one, directing the pairs directly inside. When one ring passes through another, leaving behind the "tail" of fragrant smoke, the picture will look like a large floating jellyfish - very fascinating, and most importantly, it is easy to learn.

A famous trick among vapers of a slightly varied culture is Rasta mans. But with a strong smoke pod from Vape shop, the user can achieve a more remarkable reception. To make a "waterfall," gasp steam and hold it in the mouth for a few seconds. Put forward the lower lip, and slightly cover the jaw. Create a direction to let the smoke out, it will go up. At this point, start inhaling the air with your nose - it will tighten the "clouds" in the nostrils and will turn out an unusual appearance, as if steam flows from the mouth to the nose.

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