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What Are The Signs That You Should Change The Coil Of Your Vape Kit?

You may be new to vaping or a pro- but to get the best out of these gadgets, you must know the signs when its time to throw away the kit and get a new one. No device lasts forever and vape kits too come with an expiry date. However, many who are new to using these kits often do not know how to understand when they should change it.

Here we have shared some tell-tale signs that your vape kit should be changed and when you have an idea about these signs, you can get the best out of a vape kit.

  • The taste of the vape

Vapes are available in variety of flavors and they can actually taste much better than actual cigarettes. However, when you know you have installed a flavor and yet get a burnt taste as you vape- it is the most obvious sign that the coil should be replaced. Coils are easily available at online vape shop UK and it is best to get them replaced soon.

  • Gurgling noise

E-Cigarettes are in general prone to making a slight gurgling sound as you vape. But this sound can also be a sign that the coil needs to be replaced. The sound will get louder and more frequent as the tank floods over time and your coil gets burnt.

The noise also happens when the coil is not placed properly within the kit. So, this means, even when you have got a new coil, this sound may occur and the best solution is checking whether the coil has been placed properly.

  • Coil being used up

Depending on how frequently you vape every day, the coil may have to be changed within a couple of days or even can be used till four weeks. But it is the best practice to replace it once every two weeks at the least and every four weeks at most.

Tobacco shop UK have supplies of the vape coil so replacement will be easy. Not replacing the coil in time can result in many health hazards as the smoke you take in is unfiltered.

  • Leakage in the e-cigarette

The e-liquid can often seep into the battery or leak into the tank- this is also caused when the coil is not replaced in time. this is also an indicator of other major issued in the kit so check it thoroughly before using. Open the kit and clean it well and see if the batteries are okay. If the leaking keeps continuing, also check the coil thoroughly.

Other ways to determine whether the coil should be replaced or the kit needs to be changed include taking a look at the smoke it produces. Often when the coil is damaged, the vape smoke is not big or dense enough anymore. Keeping in mind all these factors, you can easily determine whether your kit needs to be replaced. Usually replacing only, the coil is enough but you may also have to replace the entire kit depending on its age and use.

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