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Which Are The Top E-Liquid Brands In UK?

Currently, vaping is one of the most popular trends among youngsters in the UK. Compared to conventional cigarettes, it is a much more healthy option. With vaping, you also get to choose from different flavor profiles. For this reason, it gives a superior smoking experience that most cigarettes fail to do.

In this situation, many vape companies have brought multiple numbers of e-liquid into the market. Some of these e-liquids contain top-quality ingredients, while other e-liquid companies use substandard ingredients. Let’s learn which e-liquid brands in Smoke shop London you can trust.

  • Top E-Liquid Brands

  • Twelve Monkeys

Currently, Twelve Monkeys is one of the most trusted e-liquid brands in the UK. This company was established in 2014 and from the beginning it has concentrated on making high-quality e-liquid products. There are four different variants of e-liquid products you can have from this brand. These e-liquid variants are Classics, Salts, Ice Age, and Origins.

For making top-quality e-liquids, this brand was honored with ECIGCLICK Vape Award in the year2017. This vape brand follows health compliance rules and does not include Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Vitamin E Acetate, or illegal substances in their e-liquids.


Although this vape company was started in the year 2009, they had already invented the world's first RY4 flavor and PG/VG e-liquid recipe in the year 2005. Currently, this company is selling its e-liquids to 85 different countries. For maintaining the highest quality products, this company is awarded ISO 9, HACCP, and GMP certificates.

They also have a CNAS certified chemical lab, where they test every batch of e-liquids before sending them to the market for sales. Four different variants of this company are very popular in the vape community. These variants are CLASSICS, ATOM, ATOM-HVG, ATOM-50, and ATOM-SALT. For this reason, you can always try e-liquids from this company.

  • Kingston

This e-liquid brand is well known in the vape community for quality products at an affordable price. For this reason, within a short time, it has become a very popular e-liquid brand among the UK vape community. This vaping company was started in the year 2017 and from the beginning; it has focused on making quality vape products at an affordable price.

Some of the popular e-liquid variants of this brand are Kingston Zingberry, Kingston Desserts, Kingston Salt, Kingston Menthol, Kingston Fantango, and Peeky Blenders. This brand has captured a huge portion of the UK vape market by launching one after another top-quality e-liquid flavor.

At the time of purchasing any e-liquid, you have to remember that you are buying it to have good health. For this reason, it is better to purchase e-liquids from trusted brands. Along with high-quality ingredients, these e-liquids also have the best flavors.

It is also recommended to use a good Dab pen for getting a superior vaping experience. A good dab pen will deliver the e-liquid at an optimal level. As a result, your vaping experience will be smooth. You can also purchase these e-liquids online and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

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