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Choose The e-liquid for Electronic Cigarette

Especially at the beginning of the vaping experience, choosing the right type of e-liquid London can seem like a challenge. The liquids, in fact, are commercially available in different aromas and concentrations of the two components PG and VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine) and are chosen according to personal tastes and vaping preferences.

The aromas available are many and you cannot write about their choice, as it depends exclusively on personal tastes: there are those who prefer fruity, some vanilla, those who use exclusively tobacco and those who always love to test different and particular ones. However, other variables can affect the choice of the best liquid, variables that are a little more objective. Let's see them below.

The ingredients of e-cigarette liquids

In general, the vials of liquid contain vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in maximum percentage. The smaller percentage is, however, made up of aromas and nicotine. The relationship between all the components of liquids will give different results to the vape. 

For example, a higher concentration of PG glycol generates a stronger "hit to the throat", preferred by those who want to achieve an effect similar to that given by smoking traditional cigarettes. In fact, this liquid is mostly chosen and recommended for those who have just switched to the electronic cigarette, so as not to feel the initial difference too much.

Liquids with a high concentration of VG glycerine, on the other hand, guarantee a very aromatic vape and are suitable for liquids with particular flavours and for those who love to feel them in the mouth. As for the Smok Vape Kit that is best suited to high concentrations of glycerine, it is advisable to opt for those with low resistance (sub-Ohm models).

However, the indications for the best combination of liquids and electronic devices do not end there.

Choice of e-liquid London according to Cigarette type

There are many different types of electronic cigarettes available on the market: beginner kits, for example, hardly allow you to customize liquids, but cigarettes with a tank are built specifically for this function, that is, to be filled with the liquid you choose.

The main results obtained in vaping with these types of e-cig, like Smok Vape Kit, can be traced back to two effects: the throat shot and the lung shot.

  1. Throat / mouth shot electronic cigarettes

Known in the jargon as Mouth to Lungs (MTL - literally, from the mouth the lungs), the mouth or throat shot is typical of the traditional smoker, who inhales first with the mouth and then with the lungs, holding the aroma between the cheeks. E-cigarettes created to achieve this effect are more powerful, with a more closed ventilation system and it is best to use them with liquids with at least 50% PG, so that the hit remains satisfying and the aroma intact. Experts suggest opting for a 50-50 percentage of PG-VG to have the experience most similar to traditional smoking.

But it should also be considered that not all aromas go well with these concentrations, so in the customization of liquids the same mixing experiments must be made between pure flavours and food additives, until you find the one that most convinces and gives satisfaction during the vape. 

  • Low Power (Sub-Ohm) Electronic Cigarettes

Preferred by experienced vapers, cigarettes with resistances lower than 1.0 Ohm allow the use of denser liquids because they have adjustable air flows and power, capable of generating little vapour. Liquids with a higher concentration of PG glycol are ideal for these devices.

  • Customization of PG and VG

Finally, regardless of the cigarette you have, it is possible to obtain different vaping experiences simply by mixing the quantities of glycol and glycerine in less net percentages than the 50-50 suggested. But be careful: the action is recommended only for those who are now familiar with liquids, tanks and atomizers.

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