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Everything you should know About the Selection of E-Liquid Flavour!

When you buy your electronic cigarette kit, you need to pay attention to the choice of e-liquid UK. It can make all the difference. To make a selection, you must take into account a few essential points: the nicotine content, the flavour, the brand, the origin without forgetting the standards.

  1. The ideal dose of nicotine

The dosage of nicotine contained in the e-liquid is important. If it is too weak, you may experience withdrawal sensations, which in most cases lead to strong irritability. Otherwise, if it is high, you will be prone to headaches and trouble sleeping. To make sure you don't go wrong; perform dosing trials for a few days. If any of these symptoms appear, adjust the dose. 

To pick the right dosage, take into account the amount of nicotine in your usual cigarette. If the latter is less than or equal to 0.8 mg, opt for the e-liquid 9 mg / ml. On the other hand, if it is higher, go for the one at 18 mg / ml.

  • The choice in terms of taste

As for the flavour of the e-liquid UK, you choose according to your preferences. There are no rules. Do not hesitate to vary according to the time of day, this allows you to keep the intensity of the flavours. On the one hand, opt for fruity or gourmet tastes. You also have tobacco-based perfumes. These are the closest to the usual cigarette even if the sensations are not the same. You need to try out as many flavours as possible at Vape Store UK before deciding what is right for you.

  • E-liquid Available types at Vape Store UK

Vape Store UK offers several flavours and only contains aromas and other natural extracts. They alsoprovidemultiple flavours with or without nicotine (gourmet, tobacco, fruity, candy and urban fusion). You can explore the huge range of disposable vapes, pod kits, vape kits, tanks, coils and accessories on their website.

Finally, make sure that the e-liquid UKyou are going to choose respects the standards in force in this area.

  • Care instructions for e-liquid

Three points to take into account for the good conservation of an e-liquid:

  • Protect from heat

Like drugs, e-liquids don't like heat. If for DIY, the heat accelerates the steep, it will age your e-liquids more quickly if you do not keep them at the right temperature (18/20 degrees). To extend the life of your e-liquids, experts recommend placing them in the refrigerator. As the cold will make them more viscous, it is advisable to wait until the liquid poured into the tank of your electronic cigarette warms up before starting to vape.

  • Avoid the light

Sunlight is bad for e-liquids, whose aromas and nicotine are degraded under the action of UV. You may see your e-liquids containing nicotine brown over time, but rest assured; this has no impact on your health. Some e-liquid bottles are opaque in order to limit the effects of UV rays. Here again, the fridge (or failing that a drawer) is ideal for storing e-liquid UK!

  • Reduce the amount of air in the bottle

Vapers think less about it, but the air also has a negative effect on the conservation of e-liquids. Once a bottle has been opened, try to vape it before opening another! If you make your own e-liquids, fill the bottles as much as possible. And if you bought a large basic volume for DIY, say 1 litre, it will be better to transfer its contents into a smaller bottle if you only have half of it left, for example.

 If you are used to consuming your bottles of e-liquids very quickly, in the order of a few days, you can keep them in your bag pocket or placed on a desk without worrying. However, if you want to keep them longer, over several weeks or several months, follow our advice!

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