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Enjoy FIFA World Cup With Disposable Vapes

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FIFA World Cup 2022 England v Senegal Summary: England captain Harry Kane scored his 1st goal at this year's FIFA World Cup at 35.00 minutes of start , helping ENGLAND beat Senegal 3-0 on Sunday and hosting a match against France in the quarterfinals.

Kane scored 52 as his country moved into one of Wayne Rooney's England records. He also surpassed Gary Lineker as his country's top scorer in major tournaments with 11 goals.

Bukayo Saka and Jordan Henderson also scored against Senegal, while Jude Bellingham was key opening two goals. England, which reached the semifinals of the last World Cup in Russia, will face defending champions France at Al Bayt Stadium on Saturday. 

Excited about next match England VS France on 10-12-2022

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