image shows text(similarities b/w-lost mary R AND M TORNADO) with 8 LOST MARY bars and 8 R AND M BARS.

R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS AND LOST MARY 3500PUFFS 5 Things You Have In Common With

Why Disposable vape pens are growing faster than regular vape kits and what is common in R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS AND LOST MARY 3500 PUFFS?

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The R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS AND LOST MARY 3500PUFFS both come in more than 40 flavours most of them are Fruity, Menthol, and Minty flavours, These Puffs bars come with an inbuilt liquid tank and nicotine strength so there is no fuss to mix nicotine with liquids anymore. Also, the square design of LOST MARY 3500 PUFFS is unique and amazing; whereas R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS is pocket friendly and has adjustable airflow at the bottom.


What are the 5 common things in both vape bars?

1. Both disposables vape last for several puffs only {depending on liquid capacity}. 

2. this R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS AND LOST MARY 3500 PUFFS works on mesh coil technology only.

3. LOST MARY 3500 PUFFS is a lightweight Disposable Vape with immense nicotine and flavour, the vape is designed with 2 colours and the flavour name is also written with the brand name.

4. R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS is also very lightweight in a cylinder shape with LED lights on top it gets on when you start vaping.

5. LOST MARY 3500 PUFFS AND R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS does come in 2% nicotine strength which is also known as 20mg.

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QUS- What is ELUX LEGEND BAR are any similarities to LOST MARY 3500 PUFFS AND R AND M TORNADO 7000 PUFFS?
ANS- Yes it is also considered a disposable vape ELUX LEGEND is one of the best sellers of vape in the UK market.
QUS-Can you refill R and M Tornado 7000 vape?
ANS- NO, there is no option to put vape liquid inside the Gorilla bar.
QUS-How long does ELUX LEGEND last?
ANS-   3500puffs, The elux legend is a rechargeable disposable vape bar alike the lost mary with airflow at the bottom. It comes with 2ml of 2% nicotine strength and goes up to 3500 puffs.
QUS- Do disposable bars help quit smoking?
ANS- Yes the NHS claims, in recent studies, 55% of smokers in the UNITED KINGDOM Switched from smoking to vape bars.
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