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How To Maintain Your Vape Kit?

Buying a new vape kit is just as thrilling as buying a new tech. The excitement of using the latest vape device is something you would like to enjoy for a long time. As there is a first time for everything it is no exception when it comes to using your brand new vape kit.

There are few factors that you should keep in mind while using vape kit for the very first time. That will be the maintainece of your machine so that it can last for a longer time. If you want to get the maximum impact of using the vape kit regular cleaning of each compartment is very important. In addition, another factor is to use the product correctly after reading the guideline.

Parts of the vape kit

Before you understand the procedure to maintain your smok vape kit you need to get the full knowledge of every part of it. A vaporizer basically comes in three parts

  • Tank: a combination of both e liquid and a single unit atomizer is inside the tank.
  • Battery: the most important part from where the device gets its power source. Also comes with the option of voltage and temperature control with it.
  • Coil: the job of this component is to converting the e liquid in the tank into vapour.

In case of box-mode vaporizer everything is similar only the battery and the setup is much bigger.

Cleaning the Vape kit

While using a vape device the only requirement we have is to experience the maximum level of flavour from the e liquid we are using. You should stress on the cleaning of your vape kit  more for not only because you want t make it last for a long time but also you won’t want the sensation of the last flavour you used with your new flavour .

Simple rinse or deep cleaning the tank

  • The first thing you need to do while cleaning your kit is getting rid of the remaining e-liquid from your tank by removing the tank.
  • Next step is to completely disassemble the tank
  • If you are deep cleaning use alcohol like vodka, if it is just simple cleanup use warm water and dampen a cloth to wash the disassembled parts of the tank.
  • Next it is very important to dry them completely before putting them together.

Vape coil removal techniques

Vape coil is something that can’t be cleaned or it won’t last forever if you use the vape in a regular basis. A regular user has to change their coil after period of time after using them. However changing the coil using the right technique is also very important factor of your vape kit.

First, removing the tank is the basic step and removing the e-liquid from it. Next you have to unscrew the coil from the tank and in the same process screw a new coil and finally assemble the tank together. As this device is coming as quite handy for many,vape juice sale is also rising with the vape kit.

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