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Top Reasons Why Electronic Cigarette is Better Than Traditional Cigarette

If you are a regular smoker then you must be aware of electronic cigarettes. An e-cigarette basically is a device that looks like a cigarette but comprises a nicotine-based liquid that vaporizes when you inhale it. 

This gives you amazing smoking experiencing which is better than a traditional cigarette. With time, e-cigarettes have become quite popular and also a perfect alternative for real cigarettes. 

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In this blog, you will come across a few reasons that will also help you to switch from the traditional cigarette to e-cigarettes.

It does not create any undesirable odor

One of the major reasons why e-cigarette is better than traditional cigarette is because it does not create any kind of unwanted odor and also helps you to choose the nicotine e-liquid level according to your needs. 

You must know that traditional cigarettes stink and also have a distinctive smell that is not liked by most people. The smell of cigarettes not only lingers in the air but also sticks to the smoker’s clothes, skin, hair, and everything else. 

But with e-cigarettes, you won’t face such problems because you will be inhaling only smoke but a vapor. It is important for you to know that vapor evaporates quickly and does not leave any kind of smell behind. Even if the smell is left behind it is pleasant and has a candy like aroma. 

It is cost-effective 

The other reason or advantage of choosing e-cigarette over traditional cigarettes is their low price. Most smokers often end up spending a lot of money in a day on one packet of cigarettes but a pack of e-cigarette costs very little. 

When measured in the long run, the cost of electronic cigarettes is very reasonable. In the initial stage, you might find an e-cigarette kit to be costly but once you have it then all you need to purchase is refillable cartridges that are available in the market at a cost-effective price.  

It is safe to use 

When compared to traditional cigarettes, it is seen that e-cigarette is extremely safe to use even in your home because it does not have chances to catch fire like the traditional cigarette. 

Good for your health 

People who smoke traditional cigarettes often have high chances of suffering from throat and lung cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and several other diseases. 

But with an e-cigarette, you have little or no chances to suffer from dangerous health issues when compared to a traditional cigarette.  So, quit traditional cigarette smoking and switch to an e-cigarette that will not only save your money but is also good for your health at the same time.


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