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How to start Vaping?

Vaping is getting increasingly popular among the younger generation and among those who are trying to get rid of their old smoking habit. Vaping provides a similar experience and satisfaction as smoking does. Vaping is proven to be very less injurious to health whereas smoking can cause you many health injurious diseases which can even lead to loss of one’s life. It also helps you in decreasing your nicotine intake slowly and gradually.  

What is Vaping?

Vaping is inhaling vapours produced by electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or other vaping devices. These vaping devices run on battery and are rechargeable. It is equipped with cartridges to fill it with vape juice or e-liquid which contains nicotine or flavours. This liquid is heated to produce vapours which the user inhales. Vaping devices can be charged with an ordinary USB port which makes them pocket friendly and health-friendly.

What is vape juice?

E-liquids contain different vape flavours. The vaping devices have cartridges that can be filled up with flavoured liquid or juices. Vape liquid comes in many flavours like candy flavours, dessert flavours, drink flavours and food flavours. These liquids are heated in the vape devices to produce vapours that are inhaled by the vapers. Vape juice contains four basic ingredients; water, nicotine, flavourings and vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol base.

E-liquids just contain flavours while on the other hand vape juices contain nicotine too.

How to vape?

Switching to vaping from smoking is a healthier move. Vaping is quite safe as compared to smoking. Also, it is not addictive as compared to smoking. Smoking provides nicotine by burning tobacco which is not suitable for your health. Vaping is highly recommended and useful when a person is willing to quit smoking.

A new coil should be primed carefully before usage as it helps in preserving the life of the coil. You can simply add 2-3 drops of e-liquid to the centre of the coil. Afterwards, you need to fill the tank to the top and just let it soak into the cotton for 15 minutes before usage.

After your coil is primed properly you can start inhaling by holding the fire button until your first drag is complete. You should always make sure that the fire button of the vape is off while it is not in use to avoid premature burning out of the coil. You should always read the help section of the vape before using it to avoid any kind of mishappening.

Vape juices are available at a variety of pricing options. You should always check a good number of shops before purchasing any of the vape accessories to get the right product at the right price. An individual can also look for vape juice sale running in the market for purchasing vape juice at the best price. There are only a few smoke shops in London that provide the right quality of vaping accessories at the right price.

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