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Know Everything About Vaping

Vaping refers to the use of an electronic device to heat the liquid contained in the cartridges to produce vapors inhaled by the user later. Smoking on the other hand produces smoke by burning tobacco leaves. Both smoking and vaping contain nicotine. Smoking undoubtedly causes more harm as it burns tobacco. However, we cannot call it completely safe.

What is Vape liquid?

The e-liquid flavours also known as vape liquids are the combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavours and optional nicotine. The function of propylene glycol is to offer sensation to the throat similar to that of smoking. Vegetable glycerin is responsible for producing vapor. Flavours added are water-soluble and offers a taste to the vapors for personal reference.

What are Vape devices?

Vape devices are battery-operated electronic devices that typically contain flavour, nicotine and other chemicals. They are e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) which may resemble a pen, USB sticks or regular cigarettes. These devices contain 4 important elements –

  • A cartridge that contains the nicotine e-liquid
  • A heating element
  • A power source which is usually a battery
  • A mouthpiece

Can Vaping help a smoker in quitting smoking?

Smoking is addictive and hence it is difficult to quit smoking. It is claimed that e-cigarettes aids in quitting smoking. Note that there is no evidence yet that vaping is effective in smoking cessation. It is only proven a safer alternative than cigarettes. However, vaping is also not 100% safe.

Let us know how vaping helps in quitting smoking –

  • Vaping offers a similar feeling to smoking even when nicotine has not been administered into it.
  • Vaping comes in countless flavours which are preferred more than tobacco.
  • Minors cannot buy vaping devices or e-cigarettes either offline or online to protect their health.
  • Vaping is less addictive and hence they are considered far better than cigarettes.

The assertive statements till now suggest vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoking. Switching to vaping from smoking is preferred because of its ultimate benefits. Remember, nicotine in any way is harmful and hence only flavored e-liquid are suggested.

What are other benefits of Vaping?

Vaping has got other advantages also like –

  • A cheaper alternative – smoking cigarettes is an expensive affair. However, vaping is an affordable option. Initially, you got invest much in vaping devices and accessories but later on, you will be asked to spend your money only for refilling the e-liquids.
  • After-effects – Unlike cigarettes, the vapors of vaping devices do not linger on air for a longer time. Neither it pollutes the air and nor it harms the people around you. Vaping does not leave after the smell of it also. Hence, there are no chances for you to get caught for vaping or of harming others near you. No risk of passive smoking is associated with vaping.

Don’t limit yourself to harmful cigarette smoke! Try on this safer alternative and know yourself the difference!

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