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The culture of vaping is gaining more and more adherents. Some smoke for fun, others alternate tobacco and electronic devices, while some try to quit. In the latter case, completely eliminating nicotine is not possible for addict smokers which influence them to take the vaporizer.

Many people wonder: is dry herb vaporiser UK harmful with 0 nicotine? If it is not in the composition, then smoking does not cause dependence and negatively affect the body. But that's not quite true. The effect on the internal organs of the person is affected by the composition of the liquid. Let's look at each component.

Vegetable glycerine or VG

It is a viscous substance that is responsible for the production of thick and resistant steam and has a sweet taste. It is a plant-based ingredient, so its moderate consumption does not affect the human body.

Propylene glycol or PG

It acts as a flavour solvent. It refers to permitted dietary supplements and is also used in pharmacology and medicine. This component, in rare cases, can cause allergies. This is expressed in a small rash or irritation of the skin.

Sometimes the throat gets inflamed. With a low consumption of dry herb vaporiser UK, the substance does not have a significant impact on the human body.


Water- serves to soften the taste and reduces the concentration of other components of the slurry. It is the safest and harmless ingredient for humans provided by Vape stores.


Natural additives are often used to improve taste. Sometimes the manufacturer can take as a basis chemical compounds, which are also characteristic of food. Often, Nicotine eliquiddo not affect health. But keep in mind that manufacturers with inexpensive products can include dangerous substances for the smoker to make the product cheaper.

The harmful effect of vaping without nicotine is not fully understood. But it certainly does not have such an effect on the body as tobacco cigarettes. A person who has not smoked at all, but decided to try non-nicotine vaporizer,does not risk get sick for cancer, heart attack or other serious diseases.

The effect of steaming can be compared with the level of harm on the body of the bath. Doctors say that inhaling steam makes it difficult to breathe cells and reduces blood flow.
Separately, you need to consider the negative effect of flavourings.
Some liquids contain diacetyl in its composition. This substance can cause pneumonia and narrowing of the airways. But this is possible only with very frequent smoking.

Switching to dry herb vaporiser UKwithout nicotine is definitely a good solution. In addition to getting rid of addiction, a person will reduce the negative impact of this substance and significantly reduce the intake of harmful carcinogens. 

The harm of a vape without nicotine is insignificant, but to say that it is not at all - means to deceive the consumer. Choosing high-quality liquids from Vape store uk the basis of natural additives, the right cotton wool, spiral, which will not burn, you will significantly reduce the harm from smoking. Vapes and e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, which impregnates its sharp smell all around. Steam does not affect the condition of the skin, the colour of teeth and fingers.

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