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There are many nice things in the vape, in addition to being a fully customizable experience, you have a wide choice of tastes. However, there are a few important points to remember, in order to avoid making these small mistakes that can reduce the quality of vaporizer kit.

It is important to know the basics, such as the preparation and maintenance of resistance, choice of vape juice UK and maintenance of battery. These are things you should keep in mind when using an e-cigarette.  

  1. A resistance problem

Many people neglect their resistance. This small piece of metal and cotton in the centre of the tank is very important. This is the part that heats and turns the liquid into steam. So, when it's not well maintained, your vaping experience won't be the most enjoyable.

  • Not preparing well for your Resistance

Preparing well for your resistance is an easy and very important step. If this step is not done correctly and the cotton is still dry, when used, there will be almost no steam ortaste. Fill the tank withVape juice UK and let it stabilize for at least 10 minutes before any use and you will have no problems. 

  • Don’t change your Resistance often enough

With new technologies some kits can last up to 3 weeks even with intensive use. However, after a while, you will start to notice a drop in taste and steam. 

If you're used to chatting with a Sub Ohm,you're probably using an e-liquid with a high dose of VG. When you open the tank to change the resistance, you will notice that the cotton is discoloured and looks sticky, this happens when the liquid begins to oxidize.

  • Use Great Power (or not enough)

A low setting will give a poor taste and steam, if you increase a little you will have a hard time inhaling the steam that will be hot and dry. So, what to do? Just read the information about the resistance! If you use one of 0.15 ohms,you will have to use a power ranging from 60 to 100 watts.

Start with the lowest setting when you first install. Take a few puffs and see how you feel. Then, gradually increases the power by 2 watts at a time until you find the perfect setting.   

  • A problem with the tank

Do not leave enough e-liquid in the tank: If you find that your resistance does not last as long as expected, it may be because you are not keeping enough e-liquid in the reservoir. Some resistors have a "minimum fill" line indicating the quantity at which the liquid must be contained so that the wick remains in good condition and well soaked. To buy one, go to Vape shop uk.

  • Installation of Resistor Incorrectly

If you are doing the spare parts yourself, it is important to make sure everything is properly screwed on. If the heater is not properly installed with the reservoir, e-liquid may leak. The result? Sticky fingers and a lot of wasted e-liquids. Make sure everything is in place and if you still have some problems, check all the rubber fittings on the tank for too much wear.

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