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Right Method to Add Nicotine Shots to Your Vape E-Liquid

If you buy nicotine shots from the market or online, you have two options- unflavored and pure shots. The most important point to keep in mind is that you may not be able to vape nicotine shots in their pure form.

The shots are like additives. They have to be mixed with other flavor e-liquid or juice. You may have to focus on calculating the right strength that will suit your taste. 

  • You will only be able to purchase bottles that are 10ml or below in the content
  • The shots are best if they are mixed with nicotine-free e-liquid
  • Do not exceed the maximum dose limits

  • Always ensure you select 100% nicotine-free juice

You are already using Nicotine eliquid. You will be adding this to the w-liquid flavor that you select. This means that you need to look around for an e-liquid flavor that does not contain any nicotine.

Always check with the e-liquid flavor before you mix the nicotine shots. You always have unlimited flavor options. You can make any selection.

  • Create overall strength

10ml nicotine shot bottles are the most common ones that you will find in any online or offline store. But you can also look around for smaller content bottles in 3 or 6 mg.

Selecting smaller size bottles will offer with best benefits as you may not have to reuse the liquid a second time. You can prepare a single-use flavor.

The selection of nicotine strength may further depend on many factors. If you are only going to enjoy the nicotine flavor differently, then you can use a mild combination. Nicotine shots are the purest forms of nicotine extract. 

  • Preparing 1.5 mg shot

If you want to enjoy that mild taste, then you can get started by mixing 1.5 mg nicotine shot with your preferred e-liquid flavor.

Always ensure that you have only selected a 25ml e-liquid flavor bottle to add to a 1.5 mg nicotine shot. This is an ideal choice for users who are vaping nicotine flavor for the first time.

  • Mixing shots for higher strength

In case you are a professional vaper, then you may want to enjoy higher nicotine strength. For this, you will have to select an e-liquid flavor that is a capacity above 25 ml. You can select higher volumes including 100 ml bottles to add directly to 18mg nicotine shots.

This is the best choice if you plan to use the e-liquid with the tabletop type of devices people who are used to enjoying group vaping will often prefer preparing higher nicotine shots. 

Even if you are vaping higher strength nicotine shots, you still have benefits over traditional cigarettes. You are not inhaling carbon monoxide.

  • Odor free smoke experience

You can use the nicotine-based e-liquid with the Vape pen UK device. It is easy to refill the vape pen with e-liquid. It does not produce a foul smell like cigarettes.

Vaping has a very distinct aroma. You may not have to bear the smell of cigarette butts. You also get a chance to enjoy the rich flavor of tobacco in a single puff. It is a safe way to enjoy nicotine. 

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