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What Fills the Vape - What can be Poured Instead of Liquid?

With the popularization of e-cigarettes, the demand for e-liquid UK in market has grown significantly. Today, vapers are offered such a wide range of relevant products that it becomes difficult to navigate. Despite the presence of liquids for all tastes and budget, many still ask questions about what else can be poured into the vape, if there is no liquid.

What is fuelling of vape?

E-cigarettes are technically complex products, and therefore require a responsible attitude. This means that e-liquids must meet strict quality standards and formulation.

What makes up the vaping liquid?

Liquid for e-cigarettes consists of special components, selected in a special proportion, which gives it those qualities that are ideal for vaping. There are four such components in total:

  1. Propylene glycol - reveals the taste and aroma of the flavours used in the composition, promotes better mixing of ingredients and even has antimicrobial properties;
  2. Glycerine is a simple single-volume alcohol, which serves to increase the saturation and density of steam;
  3. Nicotine is a long-known alkaloid, it is not always present in the liquid, as vaping can also be done with zero nicotine;
  4. The flavour is the same component that gives the liquid a specific taste and aroma.

What can be refuelled if there is no liquid?

For those who do not have a favourite E liquid uk at hand or it is unexpectedly over, the only good advice is to visit the nearest Vape store UK and buy a new bottle. Of course, you can always make a self-kneading or pour into an atomizer a clean base without flavouring and nicotine.

However, no other third-party liquids, substances or drinks can be poured into an e-cigarette categorically. This will not only disable it, but also cause significant damage to health.

Is it possible to fillalcohol and water in a vape?

The answer in this case is very categorical - no. Although, focusing on the fact that some manufacturers are still trying to dilute liquids with water, experts have noticed a few effects that will certainly show when adding water to the e-liquid UK:

  • The pleasant aroma and taste, is lost;
  • There is an unpleasant taste from steam;
  • The pair becomes smaller and its texture deteriorates markedly;
  • There is a risk of leaks atomizer, which is fraught with the most unpredictable consequences.

Use of pharmacy glycerine

Pharmacy glycerine is ideal replacement alternative for plant fluids in vaping. In general, this option is possible, but from a financial point of view a more successful solution would be to buy a special food glycerine, which is used in the preparation of liquids for the vape. Pharmacy glycerine, which is more correctly called glycerol, contains about 20% of water additives, which will negatively affect the quality of vaping and will not bring any benefits, results, or pleasure. Fortunately, such decisions can be considered harmless to health.

The Best Fluids for Vaping

An ideal e-liquid bought from Vape store UK should:

  • Be consistent with the device used in terms of viscosity - PG/VG ratio;
  • Match the power of the Vape on the content of nicotine - the more powerful, the smaller and set;
  • be in a sealed bottle, on which there is a readable factory marking;
  • have no third-party solid impurities or sediment in the liquid;
  • Always check the shelf life of the product.

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