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Professionals and vaping gurus are serious about collecting parts for cigarettes - they choose them themselves and create the perfect device. It is very important to choose all the details for the device to get a thrifty and powerful vape.

What is an e-cigarette made of?

The working part of the vaporizer consists of two main blocks: the atomizer and the battery. The first generates steam from a cigarette, and the battery simply keeps the charge of the device.

The tank is an atomizer with a fluid department. It is attached to the battery pack, and the part itself is built into the base of the e-cigarette thanks to the compartments for the slurry.
There are several types of Vape tanks uk, they belong to different price categories and width of the duct: there are holes for cigarette puffing, others are made on the principle of hookahs.
The third type combines the advantages of both devices - a convenient volume, good traction.

Tank device

The vaporizer tank is a transparent liquid container below the mouthpiece. It stores a stock of jus for the vape. The tank reaches volumes of 5 millimetres- this is the most popular value.

In general, the tank for Smok UK consists of several parts:

  1. Base

A part called a foundation. Contains a small duct system, the vaporizer is twisted into the base and blowing. The base serves to adjust the air in the tank.

  • Evaporator

The most important part of the tank is responsible for evaporating the slurry from the tank so that it passes through the mouthpiece into the light vaper. There are serviced vaporizers and non-serviced. The first can be disassembled and changed parts, in the second case buy a new design.

  • Upper main part of the tank hull

It binds the glass lid of the tank and the base of the device together. The premium models of Smok UK have an additional duct. The shape resembles a dome and is made of durable plastic or metal.

  • Mouthpiece

The nozzle for convenient traction - it is narrow, as in cigarettes, and wider - with the principle of working like a hookah. Modern devices are equipped with a different drifting, which combines both types - rich taste, thick steam and convenient use.


The tanks are part of the clear-ups and are part of one large system. Damage to the tank will cause problems with the mouthpiece and battery, if not replaced in time. You need to consider aspects of the use of components.

  • The tank independently regulates the presence of liquid. You don't need to run a vaporizer all the time if you're on the road or busy.
  • A high-quality vaporizer in modern tanks makes it possible to get a huge amount of steam even from working at a small capacity.
  • Large capacity. The voluminous tanks can hold up to 5 ml of slurry, which allows you not to be distracted from the process and keeps all the details of the veip.
  • It is good to soar even thick liquids. With convenient regulation of liquids, you can smoke any jus without the formation of "gariks."

So, Vape tanks in UK play an important role in the vaporizing system - there is a vapor liquid stored. It allows you to regulate the air and smoke density for the veip.

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