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What Is 50/50 E-Liquid?

In short, 50/50 e-liquid is vape fluid with a proportional 50% percentage of the major E-fluid elements. They are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These elements are differently recognized as PG & VG and are crucial in assisting you to select the right kind of e-liquid for your Vape kit UK or vape tank.

What Are PG & VG?

PG sits for propylene glycol. This is an organic solvent in the shape of a thick, colourless juice with a rarely sweet taste. It is originated from vegetable oils and is utilized broadly throughout the food enterprise. Propylene glycol is added to e-liquids as a base and a thickener.

VG struts for vegetable glycerin. Is extremely identical to propylene glycol in that it is odourless, colourless, and has a pale sweet flavour. It moreover furnishes a base for vape fluids but differs from PG in that it has a thicker density.

PG & VG are food-safe juices that comprise the majority of an e-liquid or vape juice. PG struts for 'propylene glycol' and VG stands for 'vegetable glycerine. Nearly all liquids made to be used in a vape will comprise a ratio of both elements, though you may discern some e-liquids traded as 'max VG' which indicates they comprise only very minor quantities of propylene glycol.

Why Does E-liquid Contain Varying Ratios Of PG & VG?

Distinct ratios of PG & VG influence the density or consistency of an e-liquid. As PG is thinner, e-liquids including the elevated percentage of PG will have a narrow extra liquid thickness. VG is heavier, thus higher VG proportions will generate a thicker e-liquid.

High PG (60 %+).

E-liquid UK with extra PG volume is normally best fitted to kits and tanks with curls at increased friction; anything above 1 ohm. These kits and coils are constructed for MTL Vaping; mouth to lung. The juice is vaporized at a shorter temperature and thus thinner liquid is imposed so that it can warm up more shortly.

The assortment of a more PG liquid and increased resistance coils will develop modest clouds of frigid vapor and, relying on the nicotine vitality, a satisfying throat hit.

High VG (60%+).

Vape liquids with higher VG quantity are adequate for kits and tanks with curls at a poor resistance; anything lower than 1 ohm. Poorer resistance coils vaporize e-liquids at an elevated temperature, thus a thicker juice is required to postpone the procedure. This technique of vaping is often understood as 'sub ohm' or DTL; direct to lung vaping.

The mix of both high VG vape liquid and lower resistance coils will establish big, heavy fogs of warm vapor, powerful flavor, and tiny to no throat hit.


A 50/50 e juice includes a balanced 50% percentage of both PG & VG. This gives rise to a well-rounded vape fluid that is acceptable for the preponderance of tanks, kits, and coils.

Relying on the endurance and coil settings of your equipment, 50/50 vape liquids will generate a soft to moderate thickness vapor with nice flavor and a soft to moderate throat hit, relying on the nicotine strength. Contact Vape Kit UK and order your most suitable type of e-liquid at Vape Kit UK

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