Juice Head Nic Salts E Liquid 10MG 20MG 10ML

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Juice Head Nic Salts E Liquid 10MG 20MG 10ML Vape Juice Freeze Ice Fruity VG PG
Strawberry Kiwi -
Reminiscent of vine-ripened Strawberries accented with Creamy Tart and a taste of Kiwi.

Pineapple Grapefruit -
When an e-juice contains the refreshing taste of succulent golden Pineapples with a sweet splash of tarty Grapefruit there is no other vape like this displayed for your vaping pleasure.

Peach Pear -
A fresh juicy Peach and crisp ripe Pear makes our perfectly balanced e-juice extremely refreshing for any vape experience.

Watermelon Lime -
A mouthful of crisp Watermelon paired with an extra ripe sweet Lime.

Blueberry Lemon -
What makes Blueberry Lemon e Juice by Juice Head is the quality and divine refreshment from the fresh juicy blueberries combined with ripe lemons. This Juice Head e Juice flavor will have you in a maze tangled in rich blueberry vines as you embrace the fresh breeze of zesty lemons. You’ll wander through the excitement of juicy, sweet, and tangy, but the adventure doesn’t stop there. Just down the summer field is a creamy tart fountain flowing of lush flavor that mixes perfectly with the fresh juices of the blueberry and lemon combination. The exotic flavors swirled together in this divine combination has been a long-awaited burst of flavor that you’ve been craving all year long. This pair of blueberries and lemons is a combination of sweet, juicy, and tangy like never before, and this flavor by Juice Head lets you taste the reason why. Don’t keep your taste buds waiting any longer. They are just waiting to jump on the clouds filled with refinement and refreshment from the blueberry and lemon tart combination. So give them what they want and enjoy a bottle of Blueberry Lemon e Juice by Juice Head solely produced by Streamline Vape Co.