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Pax Plus Premium Dry Herb & Concentrate Vaporizer

The PAX Plus by PAX Labs continues the tradition of efficient vaporizers with its durable conduction heating. Featuring a sleek, button-less design with petal-shaped LEDs and a magnetic charging connector, this model is compact at just under 10 centimetres, making it ideal for discreet portability.

The gadget can contain up to 0.5 grams and is meant to be used in combination with flowers and concentrates. It takes only 22 seconds for it to heat up, and it has a 2.5-hour runtime, or roughly 8–10 sessions. Additionally, the product is supported by an extensive 10-year limited guarantee.

How is a PAX PLUS used:

Using the PAX PLUS makes it simple. Just pulse your herb until it's medium-coarse and stuff it full into the oven. To turn on, press and release the mouthpiece. When the X turns on, wait for the mist to appear, then slowly draw to enjoy. To utilize concentrates, put the concentrate inside the Concentrate Insert's center circle, shut the lid, and put the Concentrate Insert inside the oven. After turning it on, select Boost (4 petals) for the Experience Mode.

What comes in the PAX PLUS box:

The following items come in each kit alongside the PAX PLUS device:

Accessory Use Starter Kit Complete Kit
3D Oven Screens For protecting the oven 1 4
Flat & Raised Mouthpieces For discretion or comfort Yes Yes
Wire Brush For cleaning the device Yes Yes
USB Charger For charging the device Yes Yes
Standard Oven Lid For larger sessions (capacity .5g) Yes Yes
Half-Pack Oven Lid For smaller sessions (capacity .25g) Yes
Concentrate Insert For solid / waxy concentrates Yes
Rounded Multi-Tool For packing and clearing the oven Yes

What are Experience Modes:

Four pre-installed Experience Modes on the PAX Plus turn on automatically when you put the gadget to your lips. Select from a variety of flavour and vapour combinations:

  • Stealth: For maximum discretion, minimize visible vapor, dim LEDs, and adjust vibration levels.
  • Efficiency: Preserves flower for a session and maximizes vapor production.
  • Flavour: On-demand vapor brings out the nuances of your flower's flavor.
  • Boost: This produces the most vapor and is best for concentrates.

All of them are accessible by just pressing a button on the mouthpiece. To access the Experience Modes, simply long-press for two seconds, let go, and then quickly press to switch between them. You can shake the smartphone or long-press again to "set" the Experience Mode.