SMOK Priv Bar Turbo 15000 Puffs Disposable vape - Only for £11.95

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Welcome to the future of vaping with the disposable SMOK Priv Bar Turbo 15K. This cutting-edge device combines style, comfort and performance in one stylish package. Designed for enthusiasts who demand the best, the Priv Bar Turbo 15K delivers a hassle-free vaping experience with a powerful hit.

  • 15,000 movements in normal mode
  • 10,000 Turbo modes
  • mesh coil
  • Built-in 800 mAh battery
  • 5% (50 mg/ml) nicotine
  • 16ml capacity
  • Rechargeable via USB-C
  • 7500 movements per device
  • Adjustable air flow in 3 stages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many hits can I expect from the Priv Bar Turbo 15K?
A: The Priv Bar Turbo 15K offers an impressive 15,000 puffs, ensuring a longer vaping experience.

Q: Can I charge or recharge the Priv Bar Turbo?
A: No, Priv Bar Turbo is a disposable device, so there is no need to charge or refill it. Simply use it and dispose of it responsibly when you're done.

Q: Are there different concentrations of nicotine?
A: Yes, Priv Bar Turbo is available in a variety of nicotine strengths so you can choose the nicotine level that suits your preferences.

Q: Is the Priv Bar Turbo easy to use for beginners?
A: Absolutely. Priv Bar Turbo is designed for simplicity. There are no buttons or adjustments - just open the box, inhale and enjoy.

Variety of flavours:

Alaska Mint

Blue Razz Lemon

Dr. Cherry

Florida Lemonade

Honolulu Blue

Peach Berry Ice

Strawberry Mint Candy

Triple Berry Ice

Triple Mango

Triple Apple Ice

Watermelon Chill

Watermelon Kiwi

Pink Lemonade - Holiday. Edition

Tropical Lime Blast

Kiwi Straw Bubble Gum

Raspberry Pomegranate

Blue Razz Watermelon

Blackberry Peach Lemon