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Introducing the Zap Instafill 3500 – the pinnacle of efficiency in the world of instant filling solutions. Designed to optimize your filling processes, this state-of-the-art equipment combines innovation and reliability to meet the demands of today's rapidly changing industry. This innovative device consists of a refillable and disposable device and a 10ml e-liquid bottle with a varied selection of 18 flavours. The kit ensures hassle-free assembly: simply insert the e-liquid bottle into your device, attach the battery, and you're ready to go. With a capacity of up to 3500 puffs per unit and its compact, portable design, Instafill Vape is your perfect companion for on-the-go satisfaction.

Pink Lemonade is a tangy taste of lemonade and adds bold mixed berries for a layered vape.


1. Power on: Simply press the network switch to start the system.

2. Select settings: Adjust the filling settings according to your needs.

3. Load the material: Place the container to be filled in the area provided for this purpose.

4. Enter filling: With the touch of a button, ZAP Instafill 3500 performs fast and accurate filling.

5. Quality Control: The device verifies each filling to maintain consistency and quality.


● Refillable and disposable spray

● Integrated 10ml e-liquid bottle

 20 mg nic salt e-liquid

● 500 mAh battery

● 3500 movements per device

● Can last 100 cigarettes

● Integrated 2ml refillable capsule

● USB-C fast charging

● Replaceable battery


Q1: What materials can the Zap Instafill 3500 process?

A1: The Zap Instafill 3500 is versatile and can handle a wide range of liquid and granular materials, making it suitable for various industries.

 Q2: Is it easy to clean and maintain?

A2: Cleaning is very easy thanks to the accessible components. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Q3: Can I integrate Zap Instafill 3500 into my existing production line?

A3: Yes, Zap Instafill 3500 is designed for seamless integration to improve your current production processes.