Lost Mary an Adventurous Flavor

Lost Mary is a popular brand of disposable electronic cigarettes. Compared to traditional cigarettes, it is a safer option.

Elf Bar, a household name in the vaping industry, is the inventor of Lost Mary, a popular brand of disposable e-cigarettes. These compact devices are specially designed for simplicity and convenience, making them ideal for people who are constantly on the go or frequently attending events.

Lost Mary vapes offer a safer option than regular cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain many harmful chemicals, Lost Mary vapes contain far fewer chemicals, making them a much safer choice for vaping enthusiasts.

Lost Mary Product Range:

Lost Mary understands that vapors have different tastes and needs, which is why they offer a wide range of vaping products. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vapors, Lost Mary has something for everyone. From disposable vaporizers for those seeking convenience and simplicity to more advanced vaping kits for those who value customization and control, with Lost Mary's extensive line of products, Lost Mary ensures there is a product that meets each individual's requirements. Vaporizer. With a commitment to quality and variety, Lost Mary strives to provide everyone with a satisfying vaping experience.

Lost Mary Devices:

Lost Mary offers an impressive range of 12 different vaping devices, each with their own unique features and capabilities. Three of these devices are specially designed to be TPD compliant to ensure they meet required regulations and standards.

TPD-Compliant Lost Mary Devices:

Lost Mary offers three TPD-compliant devices: the BM600, AM600, and QM600. These Lost Mary devices are a huge hit with vapors, delivering around 600 puffs of flavorful vapor. One of the main differences between the three kits is their unique appearance.

Lost Mary BM600:

The Lost Mary BM600 is a compact vaping device with a bottle-shaped design. Its unique style adds to the comfort and overall appeal of the brand. Each flavor features a two-tone color combination that increases its visual appeal.

This is a great option for anyone who wants a stylish and comfortable vaping experience. The BM600 offers a wide selection of 33 flavors, all with 2% salt. This means that, despite their high strength, they can be easily sprayed. The Lost Mary BM600 is a disposable mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping device that comes with 2ml of e-juice. It is equipped with a 550 mAh internal battery that allows for a longer vaping session. With an estimated lifespan of around 600 puffs, it offers vapors a satisfying experience. The size of the BM600 is 66mm high, 35mm wide and 16mm deep. And has a two-tone matte color.

Lost Mary AM600:

The Lost Mary AM600 is a fascinating option that earns the highest rating. It has a sleek, slim design with an elongated shape and a smooth, simple plastic surface.

The compact size of the AM600 vape kit makes it lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for discreet vaping. It is designed to fit comfortably in your pocket for added convenience while travelling. Its flat shape sets it apart from other disposable vaporizers in terms of style and functionality.

The AM600 offers a wide selection of 22 flavors, all with 2% nickel salt. This is a small portable disposable pod kit that is powered by a built-in 550mAh battery. Each Lost Mary AM600 stick provides a satisfying vaping experience with up to 600 puffs per stick.

The size of the AM600 is 111mm x 20mm x 12mm with a clear closured plastic finish.

Lost Mary QM600:

The Lost Mary QM600 has a similar capsule shape but with a wider and taller design. It features a wider mouthpiece and provides vapors with a comfortable vaping experience. The Lost Mary QM600 kit has an eye-catching design with a clear plastic cover with a two-tone metallic finish.

Lost Marry

The Lost Mary QM600 is a convenient disposable vaping kit that offers a wide range of 18 delicious flavors. It is equipped with a high-capacity 550 mAh battery that delivers an impressive 600 puffs of aromatic vapor. The device contains 2ml of 20mg Nic-Salt e-liquid, providing a smooth and satisfying hit that even heavy smokers will enjoy.

The Lost Mary QM600 has compact dimensions of 96.7 x 28.4 x 14.2 mm. The kit's sleek design features a two-tone metallic finish, adding a touch of style to your vaping device.

Non-TPD Compliant Lost Mary Devices:

Lost Mary devices that do not support TPD are typically larger in size and offer more battery power and module capacity compared to TPD-compatible devices. In the UK, disposable vaporizers must follow certain rules. They can only have an e-liquid capacity of 2 ml and a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 mg/ml. Non-TPD-compliant devices can offer higher capacity and more power to vapors who want a more powerful vaping experience. However, it is important to remember that these devices are not available for sale in the United Kingdom as they do not comply with current regulations.

 Non-TPD-Compliant Lost Mary devices include:

MO5000, OS5000, Luster 0S5000, PSYPER, OS4000, BM3500, BM5000, CM1500, 3000 + 3000 PRO.

User-Friendly Lost Mary Vapes:

Lost Mary's easy-to-use disposable vaporizers are incredibly easy to use. Unlike more complex e-cigarette kits, Lost Mary's disposable products are pre-filled, pre-filled, and ready to use. This convenience allows you to enjoy vaping without any hassle or additional setup.

Lost Marry

Lost Mary's disposable products allow users to enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with e-liquid refills or complicated coil changes. There are no fancy screens or complicated settings to navigate, making it easy to learn and use right away, for beginners and everyone else.

Lost Mary Vape Battery:

Each Lost Mary device has a built-in battery. The TPD-compatible Lost Mary vape battery comes pre-charged and ready to use. However, once the battery is depleted, it can no longer be charged and must be replaced.

Lost Mary Flavors:

The Lost Mary brand is known for its exceptional taste and high-quality products. With a huge selection of the best Lost Mary flavors available, you'll be spoiled for choice and find the perfect option to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you prefer fruity, dessert-inspired or refreshing flavors, Lost Mary has something for everyone.


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