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5 Different Types Of Vape Tanks And Knowing Them

Vapers are really excited about the powerful vape tanks that came into the markets. Some have unique designs, while some have outstanding battery life. The atomizers work with the same principle with the wick-carrying liquid to the coil. Further, the coil is heated using the battery. 

The vape tanks UK come in very basic patterns. Some are new, while some have been evolving for a long time. When it comes to choosing the tanks, making the right choice is crucial. Most of the wicks are cotton with bamboo fiber and steel mesh used for it as well. 

  • Different types of vape tanks

  • Clearomisers

This comes in the starter kits as these are very simple to use. A clearomiser is a transparent tank made using plastic or glass. The top section has a mouthpiece, with the bottom having the battery or mod. Likewise, the heating coil is on the top with the wicks hanging from the tanks, popular in the CE4 style. 

The CE4 styles are disposed of easily, and the liquid can be quickly refilled. These tanks are best for beginners or someone who vapes occasionally. 


The tank is a sophisticated version of the clearomiser that comes with a replaceable coil head. Besides, it comes with a greater liquid capacity designed for sub-ohm vaping. The tanks are costlier, but it lasts longer. The modern vape tanks sold in the Vape Store UK have more power for better vape production. 

Rebuild Able Dripping Atomizers

  • These are the simple atomizers with no tanks, but you directly drip the liquid to the wick with each puff. Secondly, the dripper is a high-powered mod with a tremendous amount of vapor. Using a suitable coil, they offer good flavors.
  • Find the rebuild ones from Vape Kit UKselling them at affordable rates. Drippers come with a lot more room and are perfect if you are new to rebuildable. These are usually very cheap as well. 
  • The puff takes time to build and is not suitable for beginners. 

Rebuild Able Tank Atomizers

These are similar to the standard tanks but have a pre-made coil head. The tank is so cheap, and you can pay extra to get a new coil head made of cotton and wire. Further, many new RTAs have come into the market, like Kayfun V5. 

These devices have much open airflow with low resistance builds. The vapor production is fantastic, and these tanks are very customizable. 

Rebuild Able Dripping Tank Atomizers

It is a hybrid of RTAs and all other rebuildable. It comes with a big dipper neck with the tank on top of the deck. The wicks keep on hanging from the tank. You can make amazing builds using the dipper. Since the coils and wick are above the tank, it is less likely similar to the standard tank. 

The best way is to start using a clearomiser first and then to handle sub-ohm vaping. Visit Vape Kit UK to find out all about the vape tanks. Use whatever works the best for you.

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