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Busting Myths About Vaping

Let’s step on to the reality of Vaping!

Myth #1 – Vaping is just flavoured water –

According to this first myth, some users feel that vaping is all about heating flavoured water to produce vapours. That’s true! Water is involved but in less quantity. Along with water, there are other chemicals also like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin etc. This vegetable glycerin is the main chemical behind producing vapours in vaping devices instead of water.

Myth #2 – Vaping is expensive –

NO! Vaping is an affordable option instead when compared to your regular cigarettes. The single-time expense or investment in vaping is to purchase vaping devices. Once all accessories and devices have been installed, the only investment is to make in flavoured e-liquid. Although no smoking is far better, e-cigarettes are still better than your regular ones when looked at closely.

Myth #3 – Formaldehyde is not as such harmful when used in vaping –

Formaldehyde is not harmful but it becomes harmful once it is heated by a vaping device. It is no longer safe to inhale when used in a Vaping device or especially when it is heated.

Myth #4 – Vaping devices are not regulated –

Some authorities claim that e-cigarettes or other vaping devices are not regulated. They even relate this statement with the health risks of vaping devices giving them weightage. This statement is completely wrong or it’s just a myth. Vaping devices are regulated by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). In 2016, FDA came up with an age rule also where the individuals who are below the age of 21 years will not be granted permission to buy vaping devices. E-cigarettes won’t be sold to teenagers who are below 21 at any online vape shop UK.

We can say that vaping devices are not well regulated. The youth below the age of 21 years can still get e-cigarettes illegally or through shops that do not enforce the law properly. The only need is to enforce the law strictly.

Myth #5 – Vaping is more harmful than regular cigarettes –

Some people believe that vaping is as unhealthy as cigarettes or even more. This perception or myth mainly comes from manufacturers or retailers or regular cigarettes who continue to sell traditional cigarettes. The recent study investigations revealed that vaping has a less toxic effect when compared to tobacco smoking. Vaping devices are very less harmful compared to other smoking products. Vape UK eliminates exposure to tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals that contribute to toxicity in cigarettes.

Myth #5 – Vaping can cause ‘Popcorn lungs’-

‘Popcorn lungs’ is rare respiratory distress caused by chemical diacetyl which leads to irreversible airway obstruction and damage to bronchioles when inhaled. This chemical is found both in traditional as well as e-cigarettes. Diacetyl is present in tobacco smoke and cigarettes at higher levels than e-cigarettes. Hence, this condition is not just associated with vaping devices. Also, no case of ‘popcorn lungs’ by vaping devices is reported till now.

Vaping devices may not be the best smoking option but is certainly better than all the options available right now!

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