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Why Choose Nicotine Salt E-Liquids For Your Electronic Cigarette?

The Nicotine Salts e-Liquids are different from the classic e-Liquids which are made and purified during a long chemical process. Nicotine e-liquid salts are different because they are more acidic. This result is the one that comes closest to the natural nicotine present in conventional cigarettes. 

The e liquids with nicotine salts are therefore perfectly suited to smokers who wish to quit smoking and use the electronic cigarette as a substitute. Nicotine salts will help and facilitate this process to get rid of smoking.

You are therefore probably wondering about the advantages of favouring e-liquids with nicotine salt. Here are some answers to help you see more clearly.

The ideal option to quit smoking

Vape pen UK and Electronic cigarettes are adopted for various reasons. 

There are already heavy smokers who find it difficult to quit even if the urge is present. 

  • With a nicotine salt e-liquid, you experience a hit (sensation of smoke in the mouth) approaching that caused by the classic cigarette. Designed especially to attract these profiles, the Nicotine Salt e-Liquids are totally suitable for everyone. 
  • All smokers who have tried classic e liquids with nicotine levels equal to or greater than 11mg can say it, the sensations are rather unpleasant and it can quickly lead to coughing fits or tingling in the throat. It is therefore easier to turn to e liquids less concentrated in nicotine and therefore, to vape more, in order to find yourself "full" in terms of nicotine.
  • As the nicotine salt is pure, it offers a higher level of nicotine which is almost similar to that of cigarettes. This feeling of satiety is obtained more quickly, which allows you to vape less. In addition, the problem of tingling in the throat is not present with the e liquids with nicotine salt. These e liquids therefore become the ideal ally for all smokers who wish to quit smoking.
  • The sensation caused by the nicotine salt helps reduce the frequency of vaping. In a few puffs, you experience satisfaction whose effects are long-lasting. It is therefore easier to quit smoking because the withdrawal is carried out gently.

In other words, e-liquids with nicotine salt are suitable for both occasional smokers and heavy smokers.

Nicotine salts, for whom?

It is ideal for novice vapers who wish to quit smoking through the electronic cigarette or vape pen UK by looking for the most effective way to wean themselves off nicotine. 

It is also a good alternative for confirmed vapers who consume too much e liquid and cannot manage to dose;nicotine e-liquid will allow to limit this overconsumption because of low dosage of nicotine in the e- cigarette as compared to traditional cigarette. All vapers who cannot stand e liquids with too powerful dosages, because they cause coughs or irritations, will be delighted by the nicotine salts.

Experienced vapers prefer to vape mixed e-liquid flavours for a unique taste and powerful hit. Mint, strawberry, tobacco fruit, confectionary, bakery, beverage, dessert and cereal are some most selected flavours.

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