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The Importance of The Choice Of Aromas In E Liquids For Vapers

Vaping experts keep telling you that the aromas of electronic cigarettes are not there by chance; their presence has several unsuspected roles such as smoking cessation. Here is everything there is to know.

What are the most used flavours among vapers?

The choice of the flavour of the aromas is just as important as the choice of the right dosage of nicotine to benefit from the best e liquid.

It is also a factor for the electronic cigarette to provide excellent taste for regular consumption. Also, the question of "what are the most used e-liquid flavours" is very relevant.

  1. E liquid strawberry

The aromas of an electronic cigarette can be classified according to different types of families. The best known and most used of all are undoubtedly the fruity aromas. As the name suggests, this aroma is inspired by fruits like apple, banana, lemon, etc. The strawberry e liquid and the apple e liquid are therefore the most used in the fruity scent e-liquid category.

Berry and fruit flavours - wild cherry, green apple, blueberry, grape, melon, coconut and others are always distinguished in all the variety of such aromas.

  • Tobacco e liquid

Then there is the tobacco flavour, which is mainly aimed at new followers, because the tobacco e liquid acts as a transition between the traditional cigarette and the e-cigarette.
Tobacco flavour is the best-selling liquid at tobacco shop UK. In addition, it makes it possible to make the gateway for a person passing from the classic cigarette to the electronic cigarette.

  • E liquid mint

Lastly, there is the mint flavour, which comes in different variations such as the ice mint e juice. Ideal to give the feeling of freshness, the mint e liquid is an excellent option for the adapters of menthol cigarettes offering both quality and a very attractive price.

Why is the choice of flavour a determining factor in quitting smoking?

Numerous studies in UK have shown that e-cigarettes allow smoking cessation. These studies conducted have shown that smokers trying flavoured e-cigarettes have stopped smoking. Adult smokers have stopped their consumption especially when the flavours used are different from tobacco.

Do the aromas allow you to go to the vape?

Aromas are often controversial; some describe them as a problem while others sees them as one of the main reasons for the success of vaping. In reality, flavours are not only a simple marketing asset for e-cigarettes; they also have an important role for the conversion in this alternative to traditional tobacco.

Review of the some famous e-liquids flavours

  • Dessert and creamy flavours - custard, marshmallow, corn and oatmeal, vanilla cookies and much more are in high demand among vapers;
  • Sweet flavours - popular here are chocolate, candy, marmalade, caramel, cotton candy and popular sweets;
  • Toning flavours - among the leaders are invariably tea, energy drink, mint cocktails;
  • Liquids with imitation of the taste of alcoholic beverages - rum, gin, whiskey.

Note also that the most popular today are not the same type of liquid tastes, but complex recipes, some of which may include 5-7 or more flavours.

Which vaping liquid is best?

Speaking about which liquid for vaping is better, it is worth noting once again that its choice is always individual, so you will have to focus on your own experience, gradually trying vaping with a variety of compositions. According to tobacco shop UK experts, you can choose the best liquid, perhaps, focusing on some of its other indicators and the quality of the product itself, rather than on a specific flavour card. However, the description of most of the complex recipes allows you to get a rough idea of ​​what a vapers expects after buying slurry made according to one or another recipe.

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