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What are the Types of Vapes - Classification of Aggregates?

Since the introduction of the first e-cigarette, so many changes have taken place, that today there are a huge number of different vapes that differ from each other in power, functionality, design, ergonomics, management, types of batteries, form factor, class and other indicators.

Of course, it can be quite difficult to navigate all this diversity when choosing the right device from Vape store UK. But in fact, it is enough to understand the classification of vapes, to greatly simplify the choice.

Classification of vapes by type

To understand how a particular type of e-cigarette works, you should pay attention to their basic classification. In this case, it is important to highlight three main types of vapes:

  1. Boxing

This is the most common type of device that has a built-in board, allowing you to change power and voltage for thinner settings of vaping modes.

Most often Boxing SMOK UK is equipped with small displays, so that the user can control the level of charge of the AKB, current settings, resistance to spirals and other indicators.

In addition, boxing fashions often offer a fairly high level of performance, as they can work with two or even three high-efficiency batteries that provide up to 300 watts of power.

  • Pod-systems

Recently, these light and compact devices began to gain huge popularity due to the maximum ease of use. Just connect to the battery replacement cartridge and monitor the level of its charge, everything else the system will do for the user, even power on the heating element is fed automatically, thanks to a special traction sensor.

At the same time, pod-systems work at a fairly low power and do not allow to get thick puffs of steam, so this type of vapes is best suited for quitters, as it allows you to completely replace conventional cigarettes.

Classification depending on the type of atomizer

The atomizers, which are used with certain battery units, are different from each other. Moreover, if the power and functionality depend on the fashion, the atomizer directly affects the vaporization and one of the most important indicators of vape - the quality of taste transmission. The most popular SMOK kit in UKatomizers to date are:

  1. Bucky RTA

This is the most common type of atomizers, which are popularly called just tanks, the principle of working is the same, but the tank is equipped with a liquid holder, and therefore more convenient to operate, because one refuelling is enough for a day of use. The main advantage of the tank - convenience and autonomy, as it does not require constant refuelling.

  • RDA drips

RDA - drips or drip-atomizers, do not have a tank for liquid, but only a small bath for it, which has to be periodically filled, which can cause some inconvenience. RDA give the best taste indicators, and their open design significantly simplifies the process of changing spirals.

  • RDTA

RDTA is a kind of hybrid between tank and drip. This device combines RTA's convenience and practicality with THE performance and great taste of RDA. The tank looks like a normal RDA, under which additionally placed a tank with liquid, fed on a spiral through the wicks lowered into the tank. Visit Vape store in UK to buy one.

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