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Top Questions Asked By New Vapers

In this topic, Vape kit UK specialist invites you to answer the most commonly asked questions in stores. A synthetic response to the ' For those who still hesitate or have just to take the plunge ...

Which E-cigarette and which e-liquid to choose for a good start?

If you are a regular smoker, don't expect to be able to go without nicotine right away. It usually takes time to get used to the product. The nicotine rate shown on the label e-liquid in mg/ml. From 0 to 20 mg/ml per vial (often in increments of 0, 3, 6, 12, 16 mg/ml). To give you an idea, it is estimated that a single cigarette contains between 6 and 17 mg of nicotine. 

A vial of 10 ml Vape juice UK usually lasts several days. Choose a rather high nicotine e-liquid if you smoke a lot. Without exceeding 12mg/ml the first time to get used to the product gently. Conversely, choose a lower rate of nicotine if you are only an occasional smoker or a non-smoker.

To go further, the rate of Propylene glycol/Vegetable glycerine, indicated on your bottle of Vape juice UK in PG/VG, determines the viscosity of your vaping liquid and its influence on vaping. Just know that from a 50/50 base, the higher the VG, the more vapour is produced. 

Regarding the hardware, prefer the kits all-in-one, easy to use and ergonomic. As the range of e-cig products is constantly evolving, the best way to choose Vape tanks UK is still to visit a reputed online store.

Why are there sometimes e-liquid splashes when I vape?

This often results from poor cleaning of the equipment. Do not hesitate to bring absorbent paper to clean the screw thread of the battery. Or to “sweep” the chimney of the clearomiser by twisting the paper and passing it through the drip tip. Also be sure to turn off your e-cigarette equipment after each use.

Also check that your equipment is waterproof. But also that the joints fit together correctly, that the clearomizer is well screwed to its base etc. It is also possible that the power settings are too high for the e-liquid you are using. Lower the power of the vape (transcribed in Watt on your machine) to see if this has a positive effect. 

Why does my e-cigarette make me cough the first time I use it?

It can sometimes happen that an unpleasant sensation occurs the first time you use your e-cigarette. Two things can explain this phenomenon. Either you use an e-liquid that is too strong in nicotine, or you use your equipment at too high a power.

Indeed, nicotine produces an effect in the throat quite similar to cigarette smoke. Some e-cigarette users crave this slight tingling sensation. 

Why? To simulate tobacco consumption. To better do without, for example. On calls this feeling in the throat "hit". Other vapers do not appreciate this sensation and are looking for something softer in the mouth. They prefer ready-to vape e-liquids withlow nicotine content or even without.

Do we know exactly what is in a vial of e-liquid?

The components of e-juice UK have already been known for a long time. A vaping liquid consists of:

  • Vegetable glycerine: It is mainly used to produce steam. It is a viscous liquid with a texture close to liquid glucose but very low in calories. It is used to give a sweet taste to the steam.
  • Propylene glycol: It is he who will promote the sensation of “hit”. Or the contraction of the throat when the vapour passes, simulating the sensation of smoking.
  • Possibly nicotine: Not required, nicotine also produces a sensation of hit. Its level appears in mg/ml. The hit plays in logic of smoking cessation. 
  • The water is useful to make everything more fluid.
  • Alcohol in some cases. Usually <5%. It allows preserving the aromas present in the vaping liquid.
  • Food flavours: There for the pleasure of the nose and the taste buds. The aromas will play an important role in your vaping pleasure. There are a multitude of them to discover.

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