CHUFFED Vape E Liquid E-Liquid 70vg 30pg 0mg Full range Multibuy Discount 100ml

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Multibuy Discounts
Ice- Cool Grape
Ice - Menthol
Sweets - Grape Gum
Sweet- drumstix - Candy flavoured
Sweet - pear drops
Sweets- strawberry kiwi gum
Blends- Pinkz - tropical and citrus mixxxed fruits
Blends - Blue - Aniseed, menthol and mixed fruits
Slush - Purple Slush,
Slush - blue slush
Slush - Red slush
Fruits - Apple n blackcurrant
Fruits - Juicy pineapple
Dessert - Caramel cheesecake
Dessert - Lemon tart
Fizzy soda - Passionfruit
Menthol- cherry menthol
Menthol- Blackcurrant menthol
Tobacco - silver tobacco
Sweets - Fruit salad
Fruits - Grapple (grapes and apple
Sweets-strawberry laces
sweets- Toffee apple
Fruits - Sweet mango
Dessert - Maple pecan pie
Sweets - Rainbow sherbet
Tobacco flavour liquid - Smoked maple tobacco
Sweets - Watermelon n cherry
DESSERT - Apple crumble n custard
Fruits - Strawberry and grape
Menthol - Blackcurrant tunes
Sweets - Blkjk
Flawless collider
Flawless multiply - Sugar cake n apple
Menthol - Strawberry menthol